Backlinks is the most important thing when it comes to SEO and Traffic of our website. increasing backlinks of your website is the first part of search engine optimization which all SEO experts are doing for their website. Quick and easiest method of getting backlinks from any website is commenting but is not the only way of boosting SEO and traffic.

In today’s article i would like to discuss with the topic how to boost your website traffic and SEO through YouTube.

Getting backlink from YouTube isn’t hard as it sounds, just go to YouTube and register for the new account if you not have already or sign in with your YouTube account and edit your about section on YouTube then place your website link in it for the more information you can check the screenshot below.

YouTube About Section of Making Different
Well, according to last PageRank update, Youtube is PR 9 website. However, you will get nofollow backlink from the Youtube but nofollow link is also important for any website as dofollow and for the social profiles of your blog or your personal link should be always rel=”me nofollow” and yes, YouTube will give rel=”me nofollow” backlink to your blog.

Now, your mind generated the new question what is rel=”me nofollow” ? rel=”me nofollow” works same as rel=”nofollow” doing but rel=”me will tell search engine that this web page is related to your blog identity. for the example when anyone will search with your blog name or URL on search engine then your social profiles like , Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+ will show up after your blog’s result. for the more information about the rel”me nofollow” you should read this article [Link]

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Hey, this is not end here, infact the real technique of boosting traffic to your blog from YouTube is beginning here…

Sometimes you wrote long and quality article in your blog, but there is problem with the ranking of your targeted specific keyword because of a lot of competitors. In this type of situation YouTube will become lord for you. :D

This is simple logic that high PageRank website’s posts will be index fast and rank well within short time. if your competitor’s blog has PageRank around 4-5-6 then you can beat them using PR 9 Website (YouTube) !!

All you have to do is just create a video tutorial of your article and upload it to YouTube. after uploading the video to YouTube you also need to force on the keyword that you are targeting. let me explain the whole process with step by step tutorial.

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Write quality article about your chooses topic, let me use “WhatsApp for PC” topic for the example which is the trendy search keyword now days, so, after writing the post, do all on-page optimizations like SEO title, SEO description and image optimization as well.

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Create a video tutorial about the article you written in your blog. like a video tutorial of how to download and use WhatsApp on computer.


Go to YouTube and upload your video and give a title and description to the video. Suppose if you targeting keyword WhatsApp for PCthen you can keep your title “How to use WhatsApp for PC or How to use WhatsApp on PC Google will consider both as same.


Now, write a description about the topic but that doesn’t mean that you have to write a short description but you need to write a long description (more than 500 words) with your targeted keyword “WhatsApp for PC” which must be used often in the description.

WhatsApp for PC


Don’t forget to add your article’s Link to the video description, this is more important to boost your blogs traffic from the YouTube.


Now, Your written article may be not come into the first page of Google search but your Video tutorial of that article will be on the first page of Google search when anyone search with the keyword “WhatsApp for PC” or any related query.

Google Search Result of WhatsApp for PCSo, Guys, hope this article helps you to understand the power of YouTube, and how YouTube can help us to boost the traffic as well as SEO of our blog. If you have any other ideas and suggestion about the traffic and SEO you are always welcome to write article on Making Different!