YouTube has become one of the most visited websites on the internet and is the largest video sharing website. It’s a platform for many organizations and individuals to share videos and due to its popularity; you’ll always have a lot of viewers. If you know what you are doing then, YouTube is just the place for learning or making or teaching. There are a lot of online courses which you can learn through videos on YouTube or you can teach to other people. On one side YouTube is like a revolution for youngsters and for those who want to learn. But, you also have to be careful with its mature content as it can be misguiding children at your home. For this YouTube provides a security filter which is said YouTube restricted mode. You can turn on that feature if you want to keep your children away from any mature content.

Although you must be clear that YouTube is running only on an algorithm so there can be mistakes. It basically means that there might be mature content even after activating YouTube restricted mode. But, you don’t have to worry as it doesn’t happen often and YouTube is always making it’s code better.

Now if you are OK with that then you can turn your attention towards activating that YouTube restricted mode. This restricted mode will add a layer of protection or filter to the content which will display on your YouTube account.

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How to turn on YouTube restricted mode

  1. Go to the bottom of YouTube page (any YouTube page)
  2. Find “Restricted Mode: Off” and click on it
  3. Then chose the option “On”
  4. Finally, click “Save”


This will be enough to turn on YouTube restricted mode. You can do it even if you do not have a YouTube account but, that way any other person to use your computer can turn it off. So it would be recommended to make a YouTube account and then it as that way you’ll have a proper access. Moreover, if you have YouTube account then it would require a password to turn off YouTube restricted mode. So having a YouTube account can really be helpful for you in any case.
There is one more thing and that is even if you log out of your YouTube account then also restricted mode will remain on. You should also turn on the restricted mode in all browsers since activating in one won’t activate in all. And the same should be done in all of your computers which your children can use.

How to lock Restricted Mode

  1. Go to bottom of YouTube page
  2. Find and click “Restrict Mode: Off”
  3. Choose option “On”
  4. Click on “Lock restricted mode on this browser”
  5. Fill the password

This will lock the restricted mode on this browser so even if you log out the restricted mode will keep turned on. You’ll again need to do the same for all browsers and computers which your children can access.
Now if you want to turn off restricted mode then you must follow the steps below.

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