Finally, Yahoo Inc. has announced Yahoo Messenger’s final goodbye date, and that is 5th August 2016. However, the American Multinational Technology Company has asked its users to shift on to the new version of Messenger which has been introduced to last year. In December 2015, the company announced a new version of Yahoo Messenger to its users which has been built on a modern platform. A newly redesigned Messenger brings a smart, easy, beautiful and incredibly fast way for sending messages, photos, videos, animated GIFs and much more.


It is really hard to believe that the term “Yahoo Messenger” didn’t ring a bell in your head if you are a 90s kid. When I hear these words, numerous memories strike back in my head. But, unfortunately, Yahoo Messenger is finally shutting down on 5th August 2016. The decision by the company really didn’t surprise us at all because most of the people have moved to the modern social messaging apps, including SnapChat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. And from quite a long time now, Yahoo has remained in the news for the management crisis and poor financial performance.

yahoo Messenger

The announcement of the Yahoo Messenger’s shutdown doesn’t bring any nostalgic feeling and what most of us did after the announcement is the last time SIGN IN. But, unfortunately, the older version is not available and from 5th August, you won’t be able to log in or send messages using the Yahoo Messenger. Though the company is bringing up the new version of the Messenger, yet we will miss those late night conversations on the white-purple screen.

New Yahoo Messenger

The new version of Yahoo Messenger has been available on Google Play Store [Link] and this app has been redesigned by focusing on the mobile platform for image sharing and group messaging. In simple words, we can say that the new version of Yahoo Messenger is similar to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Did you get the point here? Now, we have another mobile messaging app in our smartphone. The new version came up with new inbuilt features, including:

  • Allow people to chat with each other easily.
  • Picks up photos from the camera roll and allow users to shoot pictures directly.
  • Easily compresses the photos for reducing the load times.
  • Downloads full-sized images in original and saves them to the camera roll.
  • Regret sending a message? You can easily un-send the message.
  • Allows sending the GIFs.

Yahoo Messenger is finally saying goodbye after its 18-year long journey. It was the first messenger even before the introduction of GTalk, Orkut, and Facebook in the market which allowed people to connect with their family and friends. Those days are gone when people asked each other their ASL (Age, Sex, and Location) and created their own cool avatars. With the evolving of the digital world, the social networking tools have taken a high leap forward.

People have moved to new modes and thus, Yahoo decided to move on. Finally, the company is counting its final days of Yahoo Messenger’s legacy. Over the decision of Yahoo, most of the people are expressing their grief. But, guys don’t think that this is the end of Yahoo Messenger because it is dead to get a new transition which has been launched in December 2015.