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Do you love spending time over the internet and on social networking sites? And are you good at English and the grammer part? Are you a blogger or a content writer who loves about writing articles on various topics? Then you are the one we were looking for, you can provide your quality time in writing articles for us and in return you will gain knowledge and experience in this field, which will help you in several ways in the future.

We are looking for the guys and girls who loves writing contents of different niches and enhancing their writing skills, so this is your opportunity to contact us and write for us, we are waiting for you.

Write for us

What you actually need to write

There is no kind of limitations for you in case of the type of topic you choose, i.e; irrespective of technical or non technical related posts, as our blog is a blog which covers everything irrespective on any fields.

What you actually have to do is come up with amazing and latest ideas, trends on the web to us. The title and the post will be chosen by yourself, and for the ideas and all you can refer or grab the ideas from social networking sites or from different blogs and get inspired from them.


We would appreciate and love to see the latest and the unique ideas from your side which has never been posted or discussed in any other site, and too short or simple topics are highly regretted from our side like that of “how to install and uninstall virus on PC” or any other such topics. You can get familiar with our sites by having a look at our old and the recent posts so that you can also have an idea of our taste and writing styles.

Before starting the writing part of any topic it will be good that you search for that particular topic on our site to ensure that the article has not been posted earlier in our blog, as being safe is better. You can also provide us ( contact2makingdifferent(at)gmail.com) with your ideas or views before starting any article so that we can review it before you start writing the article.

What will you get in return?

You must be thinking that what will you get in return if you are working for us, then to get your answer you can proceed forward.

  • A separate author page will be provided for you with all your bio and links to your published articles.
  • All the author credits will be given to you for all your written works.
  • We will provide and display a short info about you under every publish articles written from your side.
  • You will be encouraged and will get the total support from the other authors and by the admin himself whenever you stuck anywhere or need any kind of help while writing any article.
  • Your written works will get lots of promotions, indirectly it can be considered as a promotional strategy for promoting your blog as well as your articles.


I would conclude my post by saying that, writing articles for our blog can be a great benefit to you in every aspect, whether for your knowledge, experience or a promotional strategy. So you can come forward or step ahead to our blog for having good time with us and our blog.