As advances are made, then the place a certain country takes on the list of fastest global Internet speeds is likely to change. One thing that can’t be denied though is that the countries at the top of the list aren’t necessarily the ones you would expect to be there. One country which is significantly missing from the top of the list is the USA which may be one of the homes of the Internet but hasn’t developed connectivity of really super-fast speed.

There are many reasons why countries are high on the list of those with fast Internet, ranging from the technology used to the size of the country itself. So what are some of the countries in the top section of the list?

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Hong Kong : This cultural melting pot is maintaining and building upon its reputation as a top provider of high speed Internet. The speeds attainable are four times the global average.


South Korea : The home to Samsung and LG is also home to Internet connection speeds that are three times higher than the global average. It’s the perfect environment for online gaming.


Japan : This a case of technology playing a major part as Japan has a high speed fiber optic network running through most of its interior. You would perhaps expect the excellence in technology in a nation that is home to a company such as Sony.


Israel : A leader in R&D, Israel is also no slouch when it comes to current Internet technology. ItsInternetspeedsare rapidly increasing as it makes its way up the list of nations with the top speeds globally.


Romania : Although still up there with the global Internet speed leaders Romania has actually seen a drop in its Internet speeds and in its position in the hierarchy.


Latvia : Latvia’s position in the list of countries with the top Internet speeds is largely to do with its size. If a country is small then it’s relatively easy to saturate it with high speed Internet.


Netherlands : A country which ranks high for innovation also has Internet access that’s available at an impressively high speed.

Why do countries like the United States not have the fastest Internet?
It may seem as though a country which has been as influential in the history of the Internet as the United States has should have one of the World’s best Internet speeds. The fact is that the United States has yet to break into the top ten. There are many reason for this including the lack of competition between providers.

There is a relatively limited number of Internet providers in the United States so they are not under the same pressure to provide improved speeds. The United States is also not population dense; there are a lot of areas where very few people are resident. It’s far easier to provide fast Internet in countries where the population is dense. Of course there are many more reasons which all combine to explain the situation in the United States but even these facts go some way to providing an explanation.