What motivates you for a workout? Your screaming coach or your friend or your inner voice? There has been no doubts about saying that if you really want to transform your body with a long term health, then you need to have a dedicated mindset as well as motivation, rather than anything else. For powering any achievement or accomplishment in your life, the main engine is the Motivation. Here I have compiled the top 10 workout motivation videos that will inspire you to reach towards your fitness goal.

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The Law Of Gym (No Pain, No Gain)

The video of Arnold Schwartznegger is one of the best driving forces not just only for the weightlifters in the U.S., but even motivated people all around the world. He is the person who has an incredible story of success. Lifting and building up muscles is quite really a boring thing, but he is the one who made it cool and in this video, he offered us with a motivation and a never stopping die-hard spirit for a workout.

High-Quality Sports Motivation Video

This is the best workout motivation videos in the list because of its perfect combo of powerful music with exceptional and high quality video and special effects. After seeing this video, I am sure that you would definitely go to move yourself up. It does feature a 15 second commercial at the beginning, but it’s worth a wait.

How Bad Do You Want It (Success)

This is one of the most classy workout motivation videos with over 15 million views. It features East Caroline Giavanni Ruffin training session along with a narrative speech by The Hip Hop Preacher, Eric Thomas. The main element of this video is the workout at different places and motivates the person teaching him about tremendous focus as well as the necessary efforts to be the best among all.

Alabama Football Training Day

This video will remind you of your school or college days when you were an athlete or if you were not, then it will remind you about your sports sessions for sure. A person tends to give his 50% more into workout when you have a screaming coach staring you right away continuously. You will not get your muscles just by sitting on your couch, but you need to really work hard for it.

Female Workout Motivation

“Why should boys have all the fun?” So, here I am with a workout motivation video for the female readers too, which highlights the Renae Thomas, a fitness competitor’s serious lifting session. No matter, how much weight is she lifting, still she looks a feminine. So, guys, I don’t think there is anything better to motivate yourself to pump out and hit a gym after seeing a sexy female lifting.

No Excuses

This is one of those videos which will help you to stop making excuses for hitting the gym. You will seriously going to laugh at the excuses, he is coming up with.

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries

We can say, Nick Vunicic is the best and a true inspiration because he no arms, no legs. And still, he makes the maximum out of his life. If one day,you feel sorry for yourself, then watch out this video which will truly motivate you for the workout.

Bruce Lee Training

Watching Bruce Lee is truly an entertaining motivation for people in their workout and this video is just about the same. Though it is not about a running or gyming session, but it will just pump you up with excitement to hit the gym right away.

Girls Can Workout Too

We have another workout motivation video for our female readers highlighting the challenging bodyweight exercises which are not truly associated with the women’s workout. It significantly highlights women doing pull ups which are really quite difficult for them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Training

Though this workout motivation video is not as powerful as the first one, but its loud music drives a person powerfully. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the best as well as most fierce competitive men. Watching this video will motivate you that how much hard work one has to put in build muscles.

Whether its weight loss or body transformation, a person’s mindset and motivation play a vital role. You can’t have a coach screaming at you always nor even a friend to boost you up. So, this made me to come up with top 10 workout motivation videos that will inspire you to hit the gym without any excuses.