There have been a lot of times when we face data loss due to formatting or system crash or accidental deletion. At that moment we do think that it’s all finished because we do lose all the important data, but no, we have the data recovery software available in the market now. Now, you really need not worry when you accidentally lose the data because using the data recovery software, you can easily retrieve the data in a secured way. The word Data Recovery is associated with the retrieval of the data which has been lost or deleted accidentally by the user or through auto deletion.

There are a number of data recovery programs available in the market which helps in retrieving the data which has been permanently deleted from the device. And this makes the task difficult to find perfect software. The main things which need to be considered while choosing the best data recovery software are retrieval from multiple sources, simple and easy interface, efficient recovery with fast scanning and a few more.

All the devices which we own contain important data and we cannot bear to lose it. Unluckily, none of the devices are reliable and you can lose the data anytime. So, managing the data is a challenging task. We always keep ourselves conscious about our personal data. But, the data can get corrupt or damage anytime and due to any unforeseen reasons. The most important thing is to know how to recover the date.

Software which perfectly fits in the best is the Wondershare Data Recovery. This software works really fast and helps in retrieving the data back within few minutes.


The Wondershare Data Recovery software offer the users with jaw-dropping experience of retrieving the data including instant recovery, a variety of options, filters, and recovery based on certain options. This software does allow browsing all the files easily and quickly using the deep scanning feature. It does support the recovery of all types of files. This software works perfectly with the mobile phones, USB drives, iPods, hard disk, digital cameras, external hard drives and other storage devices. This data recovery software comes with 4 recovery modes including:

  • Partition Recovery
  • Wizard Mode Recovery
  • Raw Recovery
  • Lost File Recovery

This data recovery software helps in retrieving data even from the inaccessible folders. It is 100% safe as well as easiest data recovery software which supports more than 500 file formats which can be recovered easily.

The Recovery Flow

  • You need to download and install Wondershare Data Recovery software. It is available in both, free and paid version. The free version does allow you to retrieve 100 MB of deleted data.
  • After successful installation, you must click open the program and click on NEXT. You need to select the types of files which you want to retrieve.
  • Select the LOCATION where you want to save the retrieved files and click on Deep Scan for a complete scan.
  • Finally, click on START and the scanning process will begin. It might take a little time.
  • All the deleted files will be displayed. You need to select the files which you want to recover. You have to right click and choose the Recover Highlighted.
  • Lastly, you need to select the path to recovering the files.

The Wondershare Data Recovery software is a must try as it helps in retrieving the formatted, lost and deleted data easily. Though deep scanning process might take a little time, yet it is worth to wait for the best outcome. After the completion of the scanning process, you can easily save the results on the preferred location.

Wondershare data recovery is flexible software which easily adjusts itself as per the need of the users. We already told you that the scanning process might take a little time, but yes, you can pause it in the middle and resume it later on. It even offers a preview of the common file formats before retrieving them. This helps in ensuring that you retrieve the data which is most important for you.

Overall, it is really good easy-to-use software which comes in handy when you lose your data accidentally.