There exist a number of ways to create an awesome looking website. One of those ways is Wix. Though there are several other website builders to create websites, but Wix is a bit different from all of them. We will come across some of the extraordinary features of this flexible website builder in the review ahead. You must switch on to Wix if you don’t have any technical knowledge about creating a website.

Without coding, it is next to impossible to create a website. The CMSs and website builders available on the internet provide means create a stunning professional looking websites. The best thing about them is that you need not write a code for adding functionality to your site. Everything could be easily done using the templates and drag & drop builder. Wix has emerged as a powerful website creator over the years. Let us explore more about it in this review below.


What is Wix?

Wix is an all-in-one website building solution that lets you create eye pleasing websites using its tools. The website is hosted on Wix and its dashboard can be opened using a Wix admin panel. Wix has been in operation since 2006 and hosts over 100 million websites so far. You will be mesmerized with collection of its professional looking templates. It is an ideal solution for DIY-type people. No codes, no hassles, if you go with Wix, nothing can be better than this.

Top Notch Features of Wix

Wix has emerged as a powerful website building platform for the users. The reasons for its popularity throughout the world are quite clear. Some of them have been listed alongside for the users who are still thinking to go with it or not.

Free Plan

Wix offers a free plan to the users if they don’t mind having their website address like The caps are only around the file storage and the features. The pages and page types don’t have any caps. It can be beneficial for you if you are just starting with Wix. You can check out this platform with its free plan and utilize some of its brilliant features.

Templates and Drag & Drop Builder

Wix offers hundreds of professional looking templates. They are around 500+ in numbers. The design of templates will mesmerize you. These pre-built templates are easy to customize and can be handled with ease. The drag and drop builder will allow you to place the elements in the template according to your choices. You can play with the texts, images, and other elements of your template.

Speed and Security

The Wix websites are hosted across the Wix servers. The servers are well optimized for the Wix servers. This ensures that the servers remain fast. The professionally skilled team of Wix makes sure that each site hosted on Wix servers is fast. Moreover, the sites hosted here are totally secure. As the mobile users are increasing, the security risk is increasing. So, Wix is totally responsible for speed and security of your website and it performs this job nicely.

Knowledge base and Customer Support

Wix has a prominent support. It provides support to the users through its knowledge base, phone calls, and email tickets as well. Since your website run on a proprietary platform, their support staff will solve just any problem you have. Its knowledge base is a great resource to find the required assistance that you need to set up your website. All the information is well explained through FAQs and tutorials. If you still face any difficulty, the support staff is always there for you.

SEO Friendly

SEO is the root of just any website. It is very important to create SEO-friendly website so that it can rank well over the search engines. Wix ensures that your site is SEO compatible and you get enough options to use the Meta data nicely.

Business Customization

Wix is one such platform that is very typical about target market and the typical customers. It has done a phenomenal job triaging the customer based on their business. They have created the templates and features for each type of market. With Wix, you can easily choose whether you are a band, real estate, restaurant, or anything else. After you have made the choice, the settings will be presented along with the featured templates.

The Bottom Line

Wix offers a free plan to the customers who have limited needs. But you can always switch to the premium plans that are tailored to fit the need of every customer. Wix has emerged as a powerful website builder over the years providing some of the best and cost effective services in the industry. If you are in the search of a platform that lets you create a website without the use of code then Wix can turn out to be an ideal solution. Go for it!