It has been official that Wix, a leading cloud based web development platform introduced Wix Code to help advanced programmers with a new solution to their needs. With the launch of Wix Code, Wix is generally attempting to break down the coder consumer relationship for more than 110 million users of its own. Specifically, Wix Code is designed to allow greater site building capabilities without ruining the simplicity and the hassle free maintenance.


What is Wix Code?

Wix Code makes it very easy to build web applications and also robust websites. It enables you to develop any web application that you desire and also to customize data and behaviour of Wix components. With the help of Wix Code you can easily create dynamic pages without the help of any specific coder. You can also generate a private database as well as collect user information along with third party APIs and much more. Apart from this, Wix also offers templates for data driven websites which are ideal for the customer to easily find their needs such as bookings, ecommerce, and more.

According to Uval Blumenfeld, Wix Product Manager, this new offer, Wix Code, will require no knowledge of coding for databases, forms or even dynamic pages. There are more to offer from cCode such as Managed JavaScript. Wix Also offers an External Artificial Programming Interface called Wix ADI.

Wix CEO and Co-founder, A. Abrahami has stated that “As we always strive to do, Wix enables innovation and creation. With Wix Code, we’ve already built the infrastructure and are providing a platform with the freedom and flexibility for users to create tailor made solutions. ”

Features of Wix Code:

Database Collections: The Database Collections feature from code helps the users to easily collect and store the content in a database. You can use the database as a plugin to anywhere on your website.

Dynamic Pages: You can easily set up a single design style or even create hundreds of pages and easily update the content in a click. The best part is the feature to create the dynamic pages of the website with URL- SEO Compatible feature.

Custom User Input Forms: You can easily create the application forms which can help you to create quizzes, application forms as well as review sections to collect valuable user information.

Customer Interactions: With the help of Wix Code, you can easily engrave people by adding Customer Interactions to your page elements such as sliding, toggling as well as more.

APIs: With the help of the advanced JavaScript and also extended APIs, you can customize the behavior of any Wix Component which you might make with coding. A little coding knowledge is all that you would need to successfully customize the data and behavior of any Wix component.

A Look into Wix Code

Wix is already a well known platform for most of the web developers who offer a customizable website tool for businesses. However, just before the introduction of Wix Code, most of the website were built through pre-determent components easily customized with a drag and drop interface. Thus, there were some businesses who wished for customized features which were initially not available. This made a lot of businesses to switch their required services to professional programmers rather than using website building platforms. With the introduction of Wix Code, things have just become a simple solution for every web developer and also an advanced programmer.

Specifically, Wix Code offers one more option for businesses looking to design their own websites or applications. It gives the users more control over the development and also the design of their website. So, if you have some skills and knowledge of coding and design, it can be very much beneficial for you to create your dreams into reality.