The cloud services market has been growing steadily over the last decade – and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The average company is now utilizing around 6 total cloud services – and as cloud hosting becomes more reliable and affordable, that number is slated to continue growing.

So why are so many companies choosing to switch to cloud hosting in 2017? Let’s explore the benefits of modern cloud hosting now!


1. Cloud Hosting Offers Lower Overall Costs

Hosting your own website or data is expensive. You need to pay for:

  • Physical servers and hardware
  • Software licenses
  • HVAC-controlled, secure server rooms
  • Electricity to run your on-site IT infrastructure
  • On-site IT support staff (or outsourced IT support)
  • Maintenance and repairs of equipment

These costs – and others – can add up quickly, meaning that maintaining your own IT infrastructure and servers is often not cost-effective.

Cloud hosting in Vancouver allows you to avoid all of these costs. Instead of investing in your own servers, IT staff, server rooms, and more, you simply pay a flat monthly fee for use of third-party cloud hosted servers.

This means you can avoid paying for server upkeep, hardware, power, or infrastructure – resulting in enormous cost savings, and a much simpler IT administration process.

2. Enhanced Stability, Reliability, And Uptime

Cloud hosting companies invest in reliable, high-quality server architecture. Due to economies of scale, cloud hosting companies can afford to invest in much higher quality IT infrastructure, compared to smaller companies.

By partnering with a cloud hosting provider, you get access to these highly-reliable, professionally-maintained datacenters and servers – without having to invest tens of thousands of dollars in capital.

Not only that, professional service staff are constantly monitoring these third-party data centers. By creating redundant backups, quickly repairing faulty servers, and constantly patching/updating servers, cloud hosting companies can offer incredible service uptimes of 99.99%+.

3. No Maintenance Required

Patching, upgrading, and repairing your own servers can be a resource-intensive process, and often requires you to take your network or server infrastructure offline for hours at a time. Even if this is done during off-hours, it can still have an impact on employee productivity – especially if there are issues that cause infrastructure downtime.

Partnering with a cloud hosting provider allows you to avoid performing any kind of maintenance on your IT infrastructure. Your cloud hosting partner will handle all requisite maintenance and upgrades – ensuring minimal downtime and a secure, safe cloud infrastructure.

4. Better Website Performance

Cloud hosting services utilize high-tech, SSD-based cloud servers. These servers offer unbeatable page performance – especially compared to older, outdated on-premises servers and IT infrastructure.

These servers can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars – but when you choose to partner with a cloud hosting provider, you get full access to this powerful, speedy technology for a low monthly rate.

So whether you need to decrease your page loading time to draw in more customers, or require a blazing fast cloud-hosted server for your latest software development project, cloud hosting is a fantastic choice.

5. Simplified Scaling

When you choose cloud hosting, you pay for the bandwidth and storage that you actually use! Nothing more, nothing less. If you ever need to purchase more storage, bandwidth, or a speedier cloud hosting environment, it’s as simple as clicking a button, or talking to your customer support representative.

This allows your company to enjoy much better performance without investing capital in expensive server infrastructure. And because you can quickly scale up (or down) as your business needs dictate, you can save quite a bit of time and money, compared to traditional, on-premises hosting.

Take Advantage Of The Benefits Of Cloud Hosting Today!

If you’re not yet using cloud hosting in 2017, it’s time to start. These 5 benefits are just the beginning. Today’s modern, speedy cloud hosting services are more affordable and flexible than ever – and are sure to be able to meet your business needs.

So think about how your business can utilize cloud hosting, and get in touch with a cloud hosting company today to learn more about pricing, service contracts, and more! You’re sure to enjoy these 5 benefits – and many more!