A Virtual Private Network, VPN is the best solution for securing the encrypted connection online between the websites and the system. It even helps in providing the security for hiding the IP addresses and helps in establishing the connection to a particular web address via a path. There is a great difference between the ISP path and this path because ISP path allows you to only access few websites. You might think that why you should start using a VPN? Just have a little patience because here we have answers to all your questions regarding the VPN services and providers.


VPNs help in protecting you online from the trackers and hackers by hiding your location and identity. Using the VPN service is a great way to secure your private information from being tracked as it helps in hiding your IP address. It even offers a scope for selecting a different server and assigns a different IP address. They help in blocking the unnecessary ads to show. Also, VPNs helps in encrypting the internet traffic which further helps in encrypting your private data online. To avail the benefits of the VPN service, it is must get one.

Reasons you should start using a VPN

  • helps in connecting to public Wi-Fi safely and securely
  • helps in connecting to long-distance calling over internet at low and local rates
  • helps in blocking the unwanted marketing and targeted ads
  • helps in giving a shield from the cyber crime and online attacks
  • you have the fundamental Right to Privacy

No matter where we live or what we do, we all have the right to privacy and feel safe. We don’t have any right to poke our nose into others business and no one has right to poke into ours or in our private life. With the continuous development of Internet, we have become more prone to Internet threats and fraud which has violated our right to privacy. 99.9% of the people use social media and every activity is registered by:

  • The ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Ads Companies
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Hackers and Identity Thieves

The companies store the information of the user for a desired period of time. Also, if you are frequently searching for a particular product online, then you will start seeing the same products while surfing online. If you want to see the relevant ads, then you need to learn about your online habits. The hackers can easily turn your life in few moments and are the most dangerous snoopers.

Why you need a VPN Service and how do you benefit from having one?

We are already aware of the dangers which are lurking around and out there, so it is the right time to discuss about the privacy, our protection. The best method is to choose the best VPN service which offers the best and complete online security and protects from all the attacks attempted in order to steal the personal data. Moreover, it even allows us to use the file sharing services easily because it avoids the imposed censorship by the governmental laws.

Besides providing security and privacy to the individuals online, the VPN services are the best to consider for the companies as well. Firstly, the VPN services manage to create a safe and a secure tunnel to help people in connecting with each other and transfer the files. Also, these services help the employees to work remotely which helps in increasing the response time and productivity. We should be thankful that the VPN services offer rich features to the users so that we can choose the best.

How to Choose the Best VPN for your needs?

So, we have talked about the VPN services, why we need the and how they can benefit us. Now, in order to help you all with choosing the right services as per your needs and requirements, here we are with the criteria which will help you in choosing the best VPN for your needs.

  • The Security Protocol
    There are numerous companies which provide the users with the best transparent software, yet it is little confusing for the people to know about the L2TP, SSL/TSL, IPSec or PPTP. But, these are the security protocols which offer the users with the best and the most secure VPN connection. Most of the services are combined with the SSL, which offers a stronger service against the online attacks. So, if you are an individual user, then you must choose the VPN service which supports SSL.

  • Number of servers, their location and speed
    It is an important criterion which must be considered while choosing the best VPN service. It basically depends on your needs and the activities which you actually going to perform. For instance, if you want to unblock any content, then you need to have an access to the server of that country. All the major VPN providers offer the users with the list of the countries and their servers where they are available. Even the providers allow the users to test the accessibility and the speed of the services provides.

  • The actual level of privacy
    All the VPN providers claim their services to be the best. Also, they will provide complete protection against all the online threats and attacks. But, all the providers have a point to note in their Privacy Policy that they do keep the logs for the desired time and can provide them to the governmental agencies when asked. This basically happens in the countries where there are such rules and regulations. So, if you are really concerned about the privacy, then choose the providers located outside the Europe or US. And most importantly, do read their Privacy Policy carefully before subscribing them.

  • Support for simultaneous users
    Maximum of the VPN providers offer the protection support for multiple users. The support for simultaneous users is the best feature for any individual or the company to implement a safe and a secure solution.

  • Support for multiple devices
    Every good VPN provider must be capable of connecting multiple devices. Most of the VPN providers offer the software for connecting multiple operating systems as well including Linux, Windows, Android, Mac OS and iOS.

  • Customer Support
    When we face problems in the services, we contact the customer support to resolve them and thus it is really important to test the services before subscribing them. Also, before subscribing or purchasing the services, read the reviews about their professionalism and how they maintain their relationship with their customers.

Though it might not seem to be a big deal, but it is frustrating while communicating with an unprofessional and unresponsive team support.

Which VPNs Are The Best?

Most of the people are well aware of the importance of using antivirus utilities which protect us from the malicious threats. But few of us understand the importance of using VPN services which helps in keeping the web traffic safe and secure. In this section, we will talk about the best VPNs. But do remember to read the reviews of the VPN services online before subscribing to them for a long term.

  • TotalVPN
    The TotalVPN service is one of those services which is a perfect blend of convenience and security. This service offers the users with an impressive server selections as well as excellent apps. Though it does lack in few high-end features, yet it is the most recommended service available out there.

  • Private Internet Access VPN
    The Private Internet Access VPN service offers the users with all the features which they require at a great price. If you are an experienced VPN user, then you might get attracted towards its beautiful and minimal interface.

  • NordVPN
    NordVPN service is the most powerful of all the VPN services available out there. It is an unintimidating service which helps in securing all the online activities easily.

  • KeepSolid VPN Unlimited
    The KeepSolid VPN Unlimited service has everything for the users including the advanced features, flexible and affordable pricing and extremely solid speed performance. It does offer a 100-year subscription.

  • Spotflux Premium VPN
    The Spotflux Premium VPN service is affordable, simple and easy to use service which offers users with features including ad-blocking and malware protection for providing a standard browsing experience.

  • TorGuard VPN
    If you are a torrent leecher or seeder, then TorGuard VPN is the best service for you because it helps in keeping the web traffic secured and anonymous. As compared to other VPN services, it does lack in some features, but it is affordable and worth to try.

  • Golden Frog VyprVPN
    The Goldern Frog VyprVPN helps in securing the web traffic and offers the users with other services including the firewall. It has a different pricing structure including the cheap and hefty packages.

  • Hotspot Shield Elite
    If you think that using the VPN service will slower the web browsing experience, then it is not because the Hotspot shield elite don’t have impact on the performance of web browsing. It is affordable as well as easy to use service and helps in securing the web traffic from the devices.

  • PureVPN
    The PureVPN service has everything to offer to the users which they need to protect their online privacy while browsing. It has the best speed-test scores.

If you really value your privacy, then it is must to have the VPN service. Though there are numerous solutions available out there, still they can confuse you while choosing the best service as per your needs and those can be really harmful as well as unproductive. You just have to avoid your budget to control you while choosing the best and even avoid choosing the first solution, rather try searching out the best alternatives. If you choose the best VPN service, it will allow you to be secure and safe as well as even help you in protecting your privacy and the company’s interests.

Everything which we have discussed above about the VPN services is quite necessary for those people who are serious about protecting their identity online. All the services and providers focus on providing confidential and privacy to their users. With the development in the technology world, our privacy has been underrated and disvalued. And thus, we have the VPN services which help people to exercise their fundamental Right to Privacy. These providers even help the users in setting up the services easily.

So, you just have to be patient and keep yourself calm before deciding to get the best VPN service for a long-term.