The two simple words “THANK YOU” helps in showing your gratitude and gesture in all personal as well as professional situations. Being an English Literature graduate, people do ask me to help them in improving with their English skills and even I, do want to help all of them, but that’s impossible for me. Do you know that even after helping people with my full attention, I rarely receive a Thank You message or a note. The two simple words “Thank You” is similar to “I am Sorry”, where both can easily break or make the connections and relationships. Small courtesies “Thank You” just creates a powerful connection and response in others.


Importance of Saying Thank You

“Thank You” is one of the most powerful pair of words. Most of the people often want to hear these words for the things they did for others or for even those things which they are supposed to be doing. Appreciation motivates us from within, both in life as well as in work, so it does a little more when we offer someone a genuine Thank You, whenever it is appropriate. Also, saying Thank You is equally important for making our relationship bond strong and clear because sometimes people assume that we already know that they are appreciated us or they sometimes feel that there is no need to say. But if you feel depreciated, then do make those people realize what you feel, so that they won’t repeat it again.

Saying Thank you to someone is an everyday etiquette which takes just a second of your life. It is a moment which doesn’t take any effort and costs nothing to you. But still is one of the most important ways which helps us in interacting with other people, both the close ones and with the far ones. We often do say Thank You when someone appreciates us or gives us compliments or gifts. But these are not only the big things where saying Thank You matters the most because we also say Thank You to someone who passes us the cutlery at the dinner table, someone who holds a door at a restaurant for us and at many moments. The phrase “Thank You” is omnipresent, but it values much more than we think.

The phrase “Thank You” matters to the person to whom we say it, but in fact, it does carry a reward for us too. Yes, you can get through a long way without it, but if you make it a habit then you can get a lot from it. Because the habit of saying Thank You for all the services, you get better services in return. What you need more, if you get a person doing little more help than you expected. And yes, showing your gratitude to your colleagues, family and friends helps in living happier home life as well as increase in the business success. Saying Thank You is the biggest motivator. Though being polite is the right thing to do, but it is even the most savvy one too.

How to say Thank You

Saying Thank You is one of the most simple phrases at which most of the people fail to do it. There are few steps which are important for saying Thank You successfully as well as effectively.

  • You have to make the eye contact which is really important if you want to show your true gesture and to appear sincere.
  • While saying Thank You, just give a serene and decent smile for appreciating the person.
  • Avoid mutters and show your gratitude by saying Thank You in a friendly and clear voice.
  • You have to be specific while thanking a person. I mean that before thanking them you have to be exact for the things for which you are thanking them.

And this is all you need to do. Your job is perfectly and completely done.

Saying Thank You helps in acknowledging and appreciating others for what they did for us in this time deprived society. Also, it helps in acknowledging our connections and relationships with the other person because it is just a sign of respect which costs nothing. The relationships might get change if we do not express our gratitude to the person who gave his/her precious time for us. You need not to get too effusive that the other person gets suspicious about your motives rather than be clear, simple and concise.

Obviously, if you don’t get a chance to thank the person personally, then you can send them a handwritten Thank You Note. And believe me, writing a Thank You Note is not that hard. You will find all the help right here on Making Different.