It was in these days that I thought to improve my LinkedIn profile, for many months I did not used it and did not showed any love and affection to it and most of my information were backdated.


When I opened my profile, I could see that LinkedIn has changed completely as I created my profile eight months ago. At the beginning the changes proved to be awful to me but after exploring it a little I got to know about that LinkedIn has became best than ever.

One thing that you never thought of LinkedIn is “WHY”. Why to spend time on your profile of LinkedIn, getting recommendations from friends and creating groups and pages. If you are an employed person and especially you have a good job of large profit – is the investment worth worthy.

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Making a great outlook of your profile is a great task and setting up a proper mind and not getting motivated are some important task. Remember if you want to be ahead of your friends or co-partners you need to use LinkedIn. I will put forward three basic reasons for which LinkedIn is necessary.


You can meet with people whom you did not thought of
Most of the LinkedIn connections I have are of my friends. I only know to participate in LinkedIn discussions. Some of the discussions are of higher level decision makers of large organization. The most appropriate part is that I can have word with them, when I come online we have something to speak about. They always come up with new ideas and we can focus about that and can actively participate in that. I always has a reason to follow up and focus on them not myself.


Establishing yourself as a leader in the Industry
This is not a hard work as it speaks of. In LinkedIn you have some inbuilt forum where you can actively take participation. Making a proper goal and giving useful comments will make your name associated with what work you do. You will also have the potential to develop a following where you can actively seek out your topics of comments and discussion.


You can seek out the solution of your own problem
The topics could be on technical or job related questions on your field of topic. You can easily find experts who are fond of sharing what they know for free of cost. At the next time if you ever face a problem you can always go for the expertise.

These are the all thing you can do if you want to be a part of job industry or you are willing to work in the job industry. These are the benefits that you can try it today and nothing can stop you from this literally. Everything has its change and change is most needed to keep up with the pace. You will have chances at future to be happy to build up a network. If you think that I am false then the worst thing that happened to you is that you have got a new bunch of people that isn’t so worst is it?