Throughout my life, I have had stretches of several years when I have lived both in the big city and in rural farm communities. Yes, both have brought happiness in my life in one way or the other. Both have been significant and in accordance to a particular season of life I was in. However, now that I am an adult and am free to make my own decision, the city is where I would rather be.

Now, I understand, I’m only one person. Just another average citizen with an opinion of my own. However, just take a few minutes to hear me out. I’ll do my best to persuade you into city limits, according to my own experiences.

Off to the grocery

To get things started, I will relate an experience I went through just the other day. And if I am honest about the situation, this usually happens quite a bit. On my way home from work, I stopped at the grocery to get what I would need for my meals throughout the next seven days. This has become my routine every Wednesday. Because of the fact I leave the office an hour earlier than usual, I am able to get to the store before everyone else decides to rush in.

It normally takes about 35 minutes to walk through the doors, find everything on my list, and leave the parking lot on my way home. Normally, I arrive at my place just in time to realize there were a couple things I had forgotten to put on my list. No big deal, I can usually head down to the corner store and pick up what I forgot and be home in less than ten minutes. Try doing that when it takes 15 minutes just to drive into town.

Good old public transportation

During more than one of the seasons I have lived in a metropolitan area, money has gotten tight every now and then. Although it was normally during my college days, I still tend to shop a little out of budget from time to time nowadays. The fix is simple. A weekly bus pass and planning when and where I need to be throughout the week, and the money that would have been spent for gas and parking turns into extra cash.

While parking may not be an expense living out of town, the amount spent on gas driving back and forth to work was always higher when I lived outside of the city. At times, I would spend up to an extra $300 a month. That amount of money comes in handy, regardless of how much you make at work every week.

Staying occupied

Last but not least on my list. I can’t ever remember living in the city and thinking to myself, “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.” Yes, I enjoy nature. I had more than one trailway I would hike while living in the woods. However, you reach a point in your life when spending Friday night with a bunch of trees and wild animals loses it’s appeal.

However, living in town, there’s always something going on. Whether it’s taking a walk and watching the traffic coming in and out of The Atlantic, going to a restaurant or club, even relaxing in a park and daydreaming about trees from my past, there is always something going on in town.