Christmas is associated with the Savior. Every age group and clans are excited about the arrival of this festival. The entire world experiences holiday and are often seems to be in holiday mood. Christmas planning often starts with the vacation planning. The whole world gets a holiday on Christmas Eve and is followed by many plans. Gifts, discounts and many more such things are popular before and during Christmas. Santa Claus is one of the interesting name associated with Christmas and it s said that he brings gifts for all kids. There are many stories and movies that show the existence of Santa Claus. Christmas tree is another special attraction associated with this festival. Enough said about it but now the question arises why world celebrate Christmas?

santa claus putting presents under the tree

The whole world spreads together the feeling of celebration during the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s. It is celebrated on 25th December every year. Billions and billions of people celebrate is festival in all the corner of the world. Advent season is call to an end with the arrival of this festival. Christmastide lasts for twelve days and the twelfth night calls for an end. Though this festival `is especially designed for Christians but the numbers of non Christians following this festival are increasing day by day.

Birth of Baby Jesus

World was facing too many hardships and it was said that birth of Jesus Christ was to remove all these hardships.

There are so many stresses behind the birth of Jesus Christ and even the year of his birth is under controversy. It is expected that he was born in between 7-2BC. In case if you want to know the exact date or year or month then this information is lacking everywhere, even in the history. Four canonical gospels though mention about his birth but no specified date has been mentioned. The renowned Western Christian Church announced Christmas on the 25th of December which is even accepted by East. Those who follow Gregorian calendar celebrate it in January.

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Sun of Righteousness
Biblical verse shows a relation of Lord Jesus with sun. The followers of Jesus Christ are termed as Christian. The birth of Christ indicates that the light f peace and trust which the world was carving for came to an end with his arrival. This is also one of the reasons why so much of lighting is done on this day. You can enjoy the lighted city all around.

christmas lighting

Somewhere the confusion that was there in the entire world which says that it was the birth day of Jesus Christ was removed. Though the purpose of this celebration is same but practically the purpose is same. There are so many stories behind the reason why this day was selected only to be the pious one. Bible has too little t help in this topic but one thing is clear that it leads to the celebration of the birth of Lord Jesus.

Christmas is a festival of celebration and gifts. Do not forget to have fun that you were planning for this pious day and yes do not forget the cake!