Today we are here with a general topic about the Journalists and their work profiles. So, we will discuss about who the journalists are and what they actually do. Apart from this, we will also discuss why people choose their profession as journalists. In simple words, what are reasons which make people choose journalism as their profession?

Journalists are the people who work in multiple areas of life as well as finds and present the information to the audience. However, in simple words, if you ask us to define a Journalist, then we would say that a journalist is a person who presents the information to the audience as news via television, radio, newspapers, magazines or the Internet. A person, who shares, distributes, writes and collects the information and the news about all the current situations is a journalist.

The work of a journalist is known as journalism. He/she can be specialized in certain issues or can either work on the certain issues. Nonetheless, most of the journalists tend to specialize in certain issues and cooperates with other journalists to surpass all the topics. For instance, a lifestyle journalist covers news related to the lifestyle of people, but he/she can be a part of a newspaper which covers multiple topics.

What does a Journalist do?

There are specialist different tasks for a journalist in different media. It is might be a possible that in large organizations, a journalist may specialize in just one task. But, in small organizations, a journalist has to carry multiple tasks at one moment. So, here we have listed some of the jobs which journalists do:

Reporters: The reporters are those journalists who gather all the information and present to the audience in a spoken or written form in documentaries, news articles or feature articles. They might work as a staff in the news organizations, but they can even work as freelancers or writers and earn from different clients. There are general reporters who work for covering the news stories in all sorts and aspects, but there are some journalists who prefer to specialise in certain areas, like reporting agriculture, sports or politics.

Sub-Editors: The sub-editors are those journalists who collect the stories which are written by the reporters and put them in a certain form which is suitable for their particular web page, newspaper, bulletin or magazine. They are the people who do not gather information manually or by themselves. But their main job is to focus on the story and how it can be presented to the audience at its best. The other name for sub-editors is subs and the in-charge of the subs is known as chief sub-editor or chief sub.

Photojournalists: The photojournalists are those journalists who use photographs for presenting the news to their audience. These people either cover their events by attending the news events on their own or by covering the events with a reporter. They click photographs for illustrating the written story and present the pictures to their audience with the captions or a story.

Editors: The editors are those journalists who take the final decision about the news or reports which have to be included in the news bulletins, newspapers or magazines. They are the people who are responsible for all the journalists as well as the content presented on different news stations. They may have the assistants and deputies for helping them in carrying out multiple tasks.

News Editors: The news editors are those journalists who take all the decisions about the stories which need to be covered and who all journalists will work on it. In simple words, they are in-charge of the news journalists. They even have deputies and assistants in large organizations and assign the work and the stories to the reporters.

Feature Writers: The feature writers are those journalists who work for magazines, newspapers or write long stories which give a background to the associated news. In small organizations, the reporters are the people who work as feature writers.

Specialist Writers: The specialist writers are those journalists who work for producing the personal commentary reviews or columns of certain things including performances, books, art or films. They get the job particular for their knowledge in certain areas or subjects. Again, the small organizations might use the general reporters for performing these tasks.

There are various other jobs for the journalists because journalism is a career with numerous opportunities. The workplace of the journalists depends on the articles or stories they work upon. This significantly means that journalists have to work according to the matter for gathering the information in order to produce a story.

Why be a Journalist?
There are numerous reasons people enter journalism. Keeping the money apart, there are four major reasons.

Desire to Write: Journalists are those people who make their living from writing and journalism is a profession which is opted by most of the young writers who see themselves as the future novelists. It is a particular way of developing their writing skills and earning a living. Though you need to have different qualities for writing books or for newspapers, but if you have the aspiration to be a great writer, then your passion to be a journalist should not be discouraged.

Desire to be Known: Most of the people who are into the writing profession want people to recognize their works. This significantly helps in giving them a value. There are few people who want others to recognize them as the writers so that they have the status in the eyes of the society. To be famous is not a bad motive at all, but it should not be the only reason to be a journalist. Avoid impressing your audience and focus more ion serving their needs, if you really want to be a good writer.

Desire to Influence for Good: Most of the people enter into journalism because they are well aware of the power of the spoken and printed words, images for influencing people. The journalists are the people who strongly control the mass media.

Desire for Knowledge: Most of the people are curious about gaining knowledge and it is even one of the important ingredients for any journalist. Most of the people enter this profession because their desire to know more about the world.

So, this is all about the journalists, people who work for people by giving them the pieces of news and information speculated around. If you are really much interested in taking up yourself as a professional journalist, then you can definitely be one of the great journalists if you have the passion and the knowledge.