Over the last few years, code schools have started popping up. They are rapid training programs that teach students computer programming and web development. By rapid is meant: they typically take 10-20 weeks. There are many options out there so I did some research.

I found that some schools cover 1-2 languages while others go over 5 or more. I also found different teaching methods. Some are Instructor-led lecturing and some you’re all on your own.

It was overwhelming how many different bootcamps there are. So, I hope this saves people some work and research.

After looking over many different options, I found The Tech Academy. And bluntly put, if you’re interested in learning to code, they are the best choice.


Here’s some reasons why:

1. The Tech Academy has more 5 star reviews than any other school I found. These are on a multitude of websites from Google to Coursereport.com. Their students and graduates speak very highly of their experience there.

2. The Tech Academy’s curriculum is more thorough than most other code schools. Students learn seven in-demand programming languages at the school. This is good because graduates on pigeonholed into one set of technologies and will have a wider range of job options.

3. The program is self-paced but there are instructors that help students through. Meaning, you move at your own speed and whenever you need help there’s somebody there to mentor you. All of your code is reviewed by and structure so you can program with confidence.

4. Whereas the average price for coding Boot Camp is around $11,000, the tech academy is relatively cheap. Students that can dedicate 40 hours per week to study qualify for a $6980 tuition price.

5. Most of their graduates have tech jobs now. It’s well over 90% of the people that finished the program. The average pay is $60,000 a year. You don’t see that high of a starting salary in that many industries.

6. Their Software Developer Boot Camp takes 15-20 weeks. So you can literally change careers in less than 6 months.

There are lots of other neat aspects to their program as well. It can be done online from home in full.

I know where I’m going if I ever want to become a software developer. The Tech Academy: www.learncodinganywhere.com