Hey guys! Are you a bodybuilder or planning to build your muscles? If yes, then this article will be of your utmost importance as it talks about the Whey Proteins which are basically one of the basic requirements which need to be fulfilled for building muscles. There is no doubt that for building muscles, body needs sufficient amount of protein but consuming proteins in high quantity can arise various side effects and here we are with few things which you need to consider before starting with the Whey Proteins consumption.

In terms of daily basis, every human needs about 0.5 gram of protein as per their body weight (pounds). A person who is a bodybuilder or trying to build their muscles requires about 1 gram of protein per pound. Even the professional bodybuilders are advised to consume about 2 grams of protein per pound and the Whey Proteins are the best supplements for gaining muscle mass and helps in consuming the right amount. But remember; don’t think that if you will consume more proteins it will help you in gaining more muscle mass. No! In fact, it will lead to severe side effects.

We all are very well aware about the fact that too little or too much can only lead to side effects and is never healthy for human body. If you really don’t want face any severe surprises after the extended use of Whey Proteins, then it is really important to keep your eyes on the moderation of its consumption. Sometimes too little will never harm your body but if the requirement is really important for your body then consuming it in high amount will lead to severe side effects. For exemplify it, we can say “Water Consumption by a Human Body.” There is not a single doubt about the essentiality of water in the lives of humans but on the other hand, we even have heard about death incidents due to high water consumption during contests or competitions.

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Side Effects of Whey Proteins

Whey Protein is categorized under the safe supplements for gaining muscle mass but consuming too much of the same can lead to severe and dreadful side effects.

Lactose Intolerance : Lactose Intolerance is caused to numerous people consuming whey protein shakes because it is one of the most common side effects. If you are one of the sufferers, then we would like you to recommend whey protein isolate which contains 1% of lactose.

Intestinal Irritation : Intestinal Irritation is most probably caused due to lactose intolerance but it is even caused to people who are not suffering for intolerance. These people can suffer from flatulence or diarrhea. Hey! Hey! Don’t feel shy and admit it. During the whey protein cycle, an increase in developing the intestinal gas is quite common and even it is not a big surprise for frequently hitting bathrooms or developing a softer face than usual.

Suggestion: It is my personal experience about consuming water with whey proteins before bedtime which led to big improvements in gaining my muscles.

Kidney Stones and Kidney Failure : Intake of low carbs diet with high proteins can lead to the worst consequence of developing kidney stones. At first, it would not sound much bad but after interviewing the experienced people who gone through the same situation, you will definitely going to change your mind about consuming whey proteins. If at some point of time, the kidney stones are developed in the body then it is must to go through the same. What actually kidney stones are? They are basically the calcium deposits in the kidneys of the human body and in some way or the other; the human body needs to get relief from the same. But how to get rid of kidney stones from the body?

You people actually have to eliminate those stones out of your body by passing urine and remember that this process is quite painful. If you want to prevent this situation then you need to keep an eye on the quantity of whey proteins you are consuming and try to consume water in high amount. You must follow it especially when you are consuming high proteins and no carbs because it is the situation when you will pee calcium in high amounts. Bones provide the calcium in body and if body continues to pee it out then it often leads to osteoporosis as well.

Ketosis : In a limited period of time, a diet rich in high proteins and low carbohydrates helps in losing fat but consuming the same for a longer period of time can leave the person in the state of ketosis. What do you mean by Ketosis?

Ketosis is actually a metabolic state in which the human body manages to burn more fat which is stored as energy because of low consumption of carbs. This state is actually dangerous because it destructs the tissues of the muscles and even stresses out the liver. If the state of ketosis is protracted, then it even leads to kidney failure as well as kidney stones.

Suggestion: To avoid ketosis while consuming diet rich in proteins, you can intake 100 grams of carbs which will help they body in burning some energy.

Bloating : Bloating is one of those side effects of whey proteins which numerous people experience and even I experienced the same too. Without being fat, enlarged belly or stomach sticks with the body causing bloating and no matter what you call it but it is actually a side effect of whey proteins. Your belly will start looking like a small balloon.


So yes, there is no doubt that you need to intake diet rich in proteins for gaining muscle mass or growing muscles but you need to be careful while consuming the same. The side effects of whey proteins are quite miserable which includes bloating, lactose intolerance, ketosis, liver stress, kidney stones, intestinal irritation, kidney failure and many more. You need to be moderate in every situation which will help you in keeping yourself fit and healthy and even help in avoid severe effects of the same. Some people are even scared of the whey protein side effect, baldness but it is just a myth.