Is your child preparing for JEE Mains & Advanced? If yes, then you must be playing a pivotal role in keeping him or her motivated. Apart from support and motivation, your child also needs sound guidance. Be it the decision of joining JEE advanced coaching institute or opting for a test series, your approval and guidance are important.


In the last few years, distance education programme is gaining a lot of popularity amongst students preparing for engineering entrance examination. Premier institutes like Aakash offer Distance Learning Program or DLP to its students. Right from its inception, this program has received a lot of positive reviews from the students and parents alike. Therefore, if you are still reeling under the dilemma of opting for a distance learning programme, we suggest you assess your current circumstances. Just in case the following scenario resembles your case, you should enroll your child into an IIT distance learning programme.

Do you live in a remote location of the country?

If you and your family reside in a distant city that does not have good coaching institutes, then opting for a distance education programme is highly recommended. Your child can prepare for JEE Main and Advanced right from the comfort of the house. Quality instruction and good study material is the key to success in competitive examinations such as JEE. With a distance learning programme, your child is assured of receiving both. You may opt for the Distance Learning Program by Aakash Institute. Under this programme, the learning resources are just a phone call, courier, or an e-mail away. Your child can enroll himself by paying online or sending the payment through courier.

Is cost a constraint?

Cost constraints should not come in the way of your child’s aspiration to become an engineer. With IIT distance education programme your child gets access to quality study material, which is delivered via registered post or courier. The distance learning programmes are cost saving and time saving.

Do you want extra study material for your child?

Regular study is going to strengthen your child’s preparation. However, in this self-learning process, extra study material can prove to be quite helpful. The study materialoffered by Aakash Institute is extensive, content rich and put together by the institute’s expert and experienced faculty. The study matter is easy to grasp and is elaborate. Your child will, therefore, find it easy to study from these notes.

Preparation for JEE Advanced calls for hard work and commitment, with distance education program your child can continue with his or her preparation without a break. As IIT-JEE distance education programs haveseveral benefits, enrolling in a similar course by a reputed coaching institute would be a wise decision.