Christmas is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in all corners of the world. The preparation of this festival starts from a long time. People purposely do shopping to gift or to decorate their own house. Discounts hold a great importance and all online and offline stores come with one or the other attractive offers for this day. Every company tries to add certain innovation to the products or the offers so that their product comes in the highlight. This year world is going to enjoy Christmas on 25th of December that is lying on Thursday.

Christmas Eve is celebrated before one day of Christmas, that means on 24th December night. It is a special day for all the followers of Christianity as they hold certain holy values with this day. There are a set of countries that enjoy Boxing Day after one day of Christmas celebration, 26th December. It adds a total different fun to the celebration of this festival. It’s actually an adverse combination-festival with sports and that’s turn it more exciting! People actually enjoy this event with a different spirit.

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Often it is said that world celebrate Christmas Day on different days, is it true till the latitudinal and longitudinal difference or there is some contradiction to this statement?

Every mouth comes with a separate story and the confusion of the day selection is also shadowed by so many stories. Apart from the geographical difference a great part of the world celebrate Christmas on different days. Mass believes that Christmas is celebrated as Jesus was born on this day but it is a half truth. This day was selected to be celebrated as his birthday. January 6 is the day when Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates Christmas. There are other   old styles or list of old ride orthodox churches who also celebrate Christmas on the 6th of January. 6th January on the Gregorian calendar is equivalent to 25th December over Julian calendar. Don’t get confuse with the days as all of them are made for celebration. You are just required to remember that Jesus, his sacrifice and his work should be remembered on this day.

There may be controversy regarding days but the excitement, fun, preparation and the faith involve in it is similar to all extent. So many stories, so many faiths with the same triumph that “The Savior” was born on that day! The whole world rejoices for the same purpose that peace was maintained and god proved their presence among humans. Churches read hymns; choirs are prepared to sing hymns in the praise of their lord, in brief a complete moment of rejoice everywhere. Many programs are arranged all around the world in order to celebrate it to extreme.

25th December has always remained a special day in the calendar of all especially kids. So many stories are attached with this day where the Savior had rendezvous with those who loves them in different forms, had helped them, been with them and above all made their life a better place to be.