The date of Easter is not fixed as it depends or is tied to the full moon and the “vernal equinox” which is not a civil calendar. Easter is the time of joy, a religious reflection, a time of candy, along with a time of fluffy bunnies. Past few Sundays you must be watching at your local grocery for chocolates, eggs, candies and much more thinking about the date on which you need to be free for your family, church and the party. So for the time been let’s have a look at the few dates on which Easter has arrived.

When is Easter occurring in 2014?

We will have a look at the dates with respect to Gregorian date and also Julian date, but it is converted into Gregorian date. In the year 2012 Easter was celebrated on 8th of April according to Gregorian date and on 15th of April according to Julian date, similarly in 2013 31st March was Easter according to Gregorian date and on 5th May according to Julian date. And in the present year 2014 Easter will be celebrated on 20th of April according to Gregorian date as well as the Julian date, and in the coming year, that is on 2015 Easter will be celebrated on 5th of April according to Gregorian date and on 22nd April according to Julian date.

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Christian churches

Christian churches follow the Gregorian calendar just like many other Western Christian churches and celebrates Easter on the first Sunday after the auspicious paschal full moon on or just after the vernal equinox. Simply saying 21st of March is considered as equinox and the paschal moon always fall on the 14th day of a lunar month. This is because the ancient calculations did not take into account the certain lunar motion and the date is different from that of astronomical full moon date.


With respect to Gregorian calendar several Christian churches such as Eastern Orthodox churches follow the Julian calendar either for movable feasts or for any kind of religious feasts. And due to these differences in the method of calculations of dates the feast is celebrated on different days.

According to Christian churches that follow Gregorian calendar Easter can never occur before 22nd of March or after 25th of April. And according to the Christian churches following the Julian calendar Easter can occur between 4th of April and 8th of May (using Gregorian calendar dates).

Golden number

Golden number is a number that occurs in the 19 years of the cycle of the moon. Simply saying the moon repeats the dates of its phases approximately every 19 years.

Add 1 to any given number and then divide the result by 19 and the remainder is the golden number and in case there is no remainder 19 is automatically considered as a golden number. Golden number is very important as it is used to determine the dates of Easter.