There are things you should know before giving any gift. It does not matter whether the nature of the gift is food, recreation, flowers, or tech. Any gift can go horribly wrong if you lack key information.

Food and flowers are particularly fraught with danger as the recipient might be allergic. So be sure that your gift of exotic peanuts is not lethal, or that those flowers don’t cause a massive, painful, and costly breakout. Before you give a teen a video game, you will need to know about restrictions imposed by the parents and make sure they don’t already own that game.


Tech is no different. Some of the best gifts you can offer these days are tech-related. Then again, so are the worst. So when you are looking for the coolest tech gifts of 2017, you might want to do a little research. To get you started, here are a few of the hottest tech gifts you can buy today, and what you need to consider before you buy:


If you visit a site like Protocol New York Drones, you will find drones as low as $40, and quickly discover that like the drones themselves, the sky’s the limit. Prices roughly correspond to skill level. An inexpensive crasher that can’t go very far or do much damage is a good place to start for the drone-curious.

Of course, the enthusiast will need much more. And that’s fine. Drones can actually be used as useful tools for videographers. They are the ones most likely to run into trouble with drones. Besides breaking them and losing them, the biggest danger is running afoul of the law. Already, there are regulations about where you can fly drones. Depending on where you are, you may need to be licensed.

Some of these rules are about individual privacy. Others are about public safety. So, when you give the gift of drone, be sure you are offering the right drone for the skill level. And be sure to inform the receipeit of the appropriate regulations. Otherwise, things can go desperately wrong in a hurry.


Those two-wheeled, futuristic-looking and optimistically named hoverboards were all the rage not so long ago. There were a few problems that greatly slowed their adoption. Hoverboards had a tendency to catch fire randomly. That problem seems to be handled for the most part. But that doesn’t mean that they are the perfect gift for everyone.

They are still quite dangerous to ride even under the best of circumstance. It is easy to take a tumble and hurt yourself. Full safety gear should always be worn. These are not gifts for the uncoordinated. There is also the problem of regulations. Many places do not allow them. There are forbidden in a lot of places, and that can be a real problem. So be sure to know the regulatory landscape well before purchasing one of these as a gift.


Smartwatches are small, useful, and they don’t blow up. But that does not make them the perfect gift for everyone. If a person has an iPhone, only an Apple Watch will do. Android watch makers have tried to make watches compatible with the demographic most likely to buy them. But they simply don’t have the hooks into iOS that Apple does. And Apple will never open the platform to Android. It is an Apple Watch or nothing.

And while it is somewhat easier to run an Apple Watch on Android, it is not advisable. Even matching the watch with the platform is not enough. Watches are very personal, choose wrong and you have made an expensive mistake. What you mostly need to research is the recipient’s style.

At the end of the day, tech gifts are just gifts. Do your research before you buy. Especially research regulations, safety, compatibility, and personal taste.