Being a nation on the move has both advantages and disadvantages. Americans have the freedom to move around inside borders and many of them do. Career, family and even better views are just a few of the reasons that they, as a nation, change their geographical homes with regularity.

Moving, no matter what reason, is also a very stressful situation. We must do our best, within our budget, to move our possessions and our families to places that, no matter how often you visit, are not known to us as well as our current homes.

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What are your options?

If you do your own shipping, through U-Haul, Ryder or any of the other commercial companies, you have a separate vehicle to move. The usual answer would be to rent a tow bar or car-hauler and tow the car to your new home behind your rental truck. Other options include shipping the car either by truck or commercial driver.

  • Towing your car means that it will arrive at your destination the same time you do, but it makes driving a moving truck more difficult and will add time to your trip.
  • Commercial drivers can be hired to transport your car to your desired location. All aspects of the delivery can be worked out prior to the driver ever picking up the vehicle. This service can be quite expensive and your car will accumulate wear-and-tear as if you had driven it to the destination.
  • Auto shippers are generally less expensive than commercial drivers. You will need to work with the shipper to ensure that your car is delivered where and when you need it.

Of these options, auto shippers are the best choice. Granted, it is more expensive than renting a tow bar, but not having to worry about towing a car for long distances more than makes up for the cost.

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Choices to make

Contrary to popular opinion, a long-distance move should be planned well in advance. Your plan should cover all aspects of shipping goods and vehicles while keeping your interests to the front.

By going over your options early, you can exert more control over the process. This makes it less stressful and closer to what you want. If you choose to ship your car via auto shipping company, you have several decisions to make:

  1. How secure do you want your car? There are two choices when it comes to shipping your vehicle, open or enclosed. Enclosed shipping, although more expensive, protects your car from the elements.
  2. When do you want to ship your car? Arrange shipping dates, pick ups and drop offs ahead of time with your auto shipping company. The earlier in the process this is done the less likely there will be for conflicts in scheduling.
  3. Where do you want the car delivered? You can choose where your vehicle will be dropped off. Picking it up at the shipping terminal might be a cheaper option depending on the auto shipping company you are using.
  4. Do you need insurance? Legitimate auto shipping companies will have insurance that covers your vehicle. Check with your personal insurance company to see if there are any other requirements necessary.

If you decide you want to use an auto transport service, do the research necessary to choose a quality auto shipper. Before you hire a company that provides auto transport services, do your research and make sure you know how dependable and qualified they really are.