Do you think that with the increase in the usage of the computers, the cursive writing has no longer been used now? Do you think it is a good sign? Do you think that schools must teach their students’ cursive writing? Think and Think. But, the answer would be a YES! Most of the schools do not teach cursive writing to the students beyond elementary classes, but yes, a proper writing has its own unique place in our education. Though most of the students use keyboards for typing their assignments, but the major problem arises when it is about writing exams or while noting down the class notes.

Cursive WritingImage:quinn.anya/Flickr

Do you guys remember those early elementary days of tracing the curves or lines and circles for making the proper shapes, that was cursive writing. The cursive writing has been developed from simple printing to more artistic, so that it helps in writing quicker and in more fluidity. Many people think that cursive writing has been only used in the United States, but it is used all over now. It is a penmanship or you can say hand writing. It is a way of writing a document using a pen and hand. It is significantly a flowing style for making the writing faster as well as quicker. It is always connected as well as looped.

Though printing is one of the great alternatives, but cursive is more fluid as well as quicker when you have limited time. It is because while cursive writing, the pen doesn’t leave the page as much as it leaves the page in printing (few stops and starts). Hence, you can write more in your exams or take down more than what your teacher dictates in your class. Although, cursive writing does take a little time to learn and even sometimes frustrate people or kids, specifically those people who do not have fine motor skills, yet has a great purpose of its own.

Advantages or Purpose of Cursive Writing

  • Cursive is quite efficient than printing while taking notes in class.
  • It is being written with pen or pencil, which means that there is no use of technology.
  • Cursive helps in developing our motor skills in a finer way.
  • While writing journals or letters, cursive is more personal.
  • While writing a request or apology letter, when it is in cursive, it is more meaningful than a printed letter.

To start learning the cursive writing, one should know how to hold a pencil properly. The pencil needs to be held peoprly and rest on the ring finger. Place the pencil properly on the paper, which specifically helps in mastering the skills. First, start making the strokes with the shapes of the letters. Then, start working on the letters which seems to be similarly stroked or printed, for instance, a and c (a or c). Practice making the shapes of the letters with the dashed lines, so that it is easy to trace them in a proper way.

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So, guys, cursive writing plays a major role in our education and thus one should know about its importance. Start learning cursive today and write your words in more fluidity.