Nearly 5 years ago, I found myself lying in the bed, glued to the mattress because it was late, yet I was supposed to be working. And that day I started hating my laziness. But, by chance, my eyes caught up a glimpse of one book which was gifted by my friend. The book was the writing collections by Dr. Samuel Johnson. He was the compiler of the first comprehensive English dictionary and an 18th century-wit. In this book, I found few excerpts by him which he wrote in a weekly column, The Idler in 1758. This great man celebrated the “Idleness as an Aspiration” and wrote, “Every man is or hope to be, an Idler.” This was the major moment of sudden understanding or revelation in me. I thought that Idleness is not that bad rather it is noble. All problems are significantly caused by the excessive busyness.

So, guys, I bumped out of my bed and started my own blog, MakingDifferent. I came up with various articles which helped you all in one or the other way. Today, I am here to remind you all the pleasures of doing nothing. And yes, Idleness now covers the major part of my life’s work. I continued writing about the things which my readers demanded from me, but one day, a question popped up in my mind that what if someone will ask me ‘what to do when you are doing nothing.’ And then after a year of research, I came up with few tips which can give you the best answer for this question.


Meditation is the best task for doing nothing and just relaxing our minds. Just go to your bedroom and as people to leave you some time alone, lie down on a bed or read something for half an hour. You scan simply indulge yourself in your own reflection and contemplation, your own underrated thinking and pleasure, without having a fear of any disapproval.

Lie on the grass and gaze at the clouds

If you will do nothing then it would probably help you in healing, yourself as well as your planet. The environmental crisis is because of our restless activities. So, if you are bored doing nothing then it is the right time to go and lie on the grass. Feel the rhythm of the chirping birds out and smell the fragrance of our mother Earth. If you don’t have the field nearby, then go up on the terrace and do cloud spotting. It is fun-filled activity, you will definitely enjoy.

Drawing or sketching

If you want yourself to be purposely occupied when you are doing nothing, then you can hold your hands with sketching or drawing over the sheets of paper. T is one of the best ways to bring some divine contemplation. It helps the person in observing our inner self, the bloom within us. It will help you in losing yourself into a close study and all your anxieties will significantly fly away.

Eliminate all the distractions

Just relax your mind by eliminating all the distractions including switching off your phone and other means of communication because it is the time when you can spend some quality time with your own self.

Play games, Watch movies, Listen Songs

If you are doing nothing, then the best way to relax your mind is by playing games online or watching movies or listen to your favorite songs.

Start writing

The best possible way to use your valuable time to be more productive, then you can start writing your thoughts and create poems or short stories out of them. So, I would recommend you all guys to join one of the best social sharing community, where you can read the short stories written by other people and even you can share your own writings as well. One such community is

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If you are sitting idle all day long, then it will lead to nowhere, but, yes, according to Dr. Samuel Johnson, your idleness is your aspiration. There are numerous ways which can help you in using your time better. It is important for your career as well as for your own life to use time wisely as it will help you in displaying yourself as a self-motivated and a determined person. Doing nothing is a complete opposite of doing productive, yet after trying it out, it feels how effective it is. There are numerous people out there who usually says that they are busy doing nothing and still spend lots of their valuable time in worrying, watching television, etc., without allowing themselves to enjoy the moment.

It is just about the change of our mindset and once, you will experience the benefits of doing nothing, you would probably make it a regular part of your daily life. With MakingDifferent, I found a writer inside me. Once my friend asked me to write something about love. I told him that I am not really interested in it, yet he insisted me to write something. So, I came up with a short-story titled as “कहानी – एक प्रेम कहानी की… | STORY of a love story…)

I never thought that one day I will write my own short story on love, yet I did because I was doing nothing, yet want to use my valuable time in doing something productive and effective. Also, this short-story is just a dreamy one which I wrote on request of my friend. Doing nothing doesn’t have changed my lifestyle, yet changed my mindset and made me a happy person because now, I will and I can think of moving further with my writing passion. Before this short-story, I never thought of being a short-writer, yet I can proudly say that ‘I found a writer in me.’