Sales is more than just selling the product or service to existing and prospective customers. A business that is centered on sales will be successful only if the gathering of leads is systematic which will eventually help it to be converted to sales. If those who have purchased a product or service are maintained well then they will be loyal customers to the provider. The process is not as easy as it sounds. After massive research and extensive analysis on various customer relationship parameters, Salesforce has come up with the most useful CRM software that has ever been incepted. It is considered as the best CRM software for businesses as sales can be closed easier and faster using it.


Salesforce in 2007 had less than 10% CRM market share and trailed behind Oracle and SAP. Do you know that currently Salesforce has almost 20% CRM (customer relationship management) market share in the world? The CRM market share of SAP and Oracle has been declining steadily over the years but Salesforce is thriving in CRM business like there is no tomorrow. It has high retention rates in that there are high number of customers who opt for the company again and again due to its exceptional service. Did you know that almost 60% of Salesforce’s revenue comes from preexisting customers? But what makes Salesforce be at the top of its game? How does it manage to be so customer friendly and highly innovative? Intellipaat knows the answers for these questions and you can too via their Salesforce training.

Reasons for Salesforce’s success

  • For all business services Salesforce gives very competent CRM. Customers from social media are engaged via chatter. Through this chatter sales personnel develop relationship with their clientele.

  • A business needn’t bother about managing the servers as Salesforce takes care of it. Getting in touch with the customers and retaining them are the main concerns of the business owners.

  • As it is associated with the cloud, business processes is not bound to systems.

  • The top organizations as well as upcoming marketing firms use Salesforce to manage high profile clients. It is crowned as the world’s most preferred CRM tool because it is easy to use and is efficient.

  • There is a platform called which is provided by cloud-based Salesforce CRM which developers and coders expertly use in programming. Human resource professionals use another bench called

  • Keeping track of the customers is very easy in Salesforce. Each update of a customer is indicated by Salesforce. If you’re a business owner then by using Salesforce your customer’s data will be connected with yours thus bridging the relationship between the client and you. It is almost turning to be indispensible in customer management.

  • Salesforce has automated its system into SalesForce Automation (SFA) which provides huge benefits to sales process. It allows for automatic updating of sales reports as per sales activities and such a report is accessible to sales personnel even during progression.

  • SFA also helps in automating management of articles which boosts data contribution and promotes improved data transversely through sales people. Business executives can put together advertising objects, investigate reports, productions and various other manufacturing data into the organization which sales personnel leverage to provide better service to customers

  • Sales personnel can use SFA to manage contacts of customers. SFA can label the customers as previously contacted, practiced and concerned based on targeted strictures.

  • SFA is also very helpful in client and report management, sales performance verification.

  • Salesforce has a long term vision and high execution capability which is why it is claiming to be the best CRM software there is. The vision it has in making this a reality is what it is commendable on part of Salesforce. In 2014, Gartner says Salesforce is the leading CRM software.

  • Salesforce has a good mind in making acquisitions to bolster its capabilities. Right from 2006, Salesforce has acquired numerous acquisitions which helped them realize their long term vision. What else do you think is the reason for Salesforce having such a broad marketing system? To enhance this same marketing cloud Salesforce invested $2.5 billion in June 2013 on Exact Target. It helped them bolster their marketing automation and email campaign management. To further improve their marketing capabilities Salesforce acquired Pardot which enhances online marketing campaigns. In creating and deploying marketing campaigns Pardot has played a huge role. The company can be credited with increasing the efficiency and revenue of Salesforce CRM software. To achieve the elimination of manual data entry by automated tracking of relationships in the CRM space, RelateIQ was acquired by Salesforce by investing $390 million. To support various programming languages with its platform-as-a-service support Salesforce acquired Heroku in 2010. Developer tools like TheAppExchange and along with applications can be customized by the users.

  • As Salesforce provides a common networking, hardware and software platform the customer spending is significantly lowered. Through various Salesforce offerings like Service cloud, Sales cloud and Salesforce chatter, sales and communication can both be enhanced for customers. While other CRM providers like Siebel are just trying to garner what the customer wants, Salesforce is able to figure that out much earlier and deploy it massively to the customers.

  • To provide an innovative platform for developers, software vendors and customers for connecting applications and third-party services, Salesforce1 is launched by Salesforce. Real time customized customer service; live video support and on-screen guided support are just some of the features which Salesforce1 provides.

The verdict

Salesforce has recorded a 32% consistent growth and a yearly revenue run rate of $6 billion in 2016. Salesforce has formed its own query language SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) through which any record in Salesforce database can be accessed. In CRM, administrators are approaching Salesforce to sharpen their skill set and get to know about the latest updates in CRM technologies. There are career vacancies of Salesforce offered by Belkin, Tata Motors, Coca Cola, ADP, ADT and many others. Given the way it has grown over the years, the future of Salesforce seems very promising.