The “§” symbol represents a typographical character which means regulation or section/statute. It is also called section symbol. If it is written single time, then we can simply read it as “section” and if it is written twice as “§ §” then we read it as “sections”. This symbol is mostly used for defining legal sections which are mentioned in constitutions or in law books. And it’s one of the main reasons that it is mostly used by lawyers or paralegals.

How to insert the Section Symbol into Documents

There are many ways to insert Section Symbol in a document and mostly writers related to legal matters have to keep using this symbol. So learning few ways to insert Section Symbol will help you at most places.

The simplest method is that you can simply copy the Section Symbol from any website or document and then paste it where you need it.

If you are a Windows user then you also have another method of inserting this symbol by using Microsoft Word Document. Just follow the simple steps:


  • Click on Insert Tab and go to Symbols group
  • Click on Symbol group and then click on Special Characters
  • Click on Section Symbol and then Insert

This way you can easily insert Section Symbol in, any file you want. But if you want even more convenient way, then instead of inserting Section Symbol, you can simply write “section” or “sec” or “s”. These abbreviations are also good to represent “§”. But you must remember that if you have written “§” then there must be spaces both before and after the symbol.