In today’s 21st century “era of technology where dream of yesterday are coming to reality of today”. In earlier time who would have thought people or you close one who setting on any corner of the world. In earlier times people have to thing ten times before call to their loved once setting far place in abroad. Now a days may software is available at your fingertip where you can make call all you need is latest smartphone or computer or Laptop at your hand with just internet connection.Today I am going to show you one excellent and very old software which is being used world wide. This software is known as SKYPE.In this article we will see What Is Skype And How To Use It.

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First Of All One Should Know What Is Skype :

Here is some stats earlier the Skype was independent service provider for calling facility.But then it’s service also integrated on Facebook New Feature of Video Calling and recently it was taken over by Microsoft .Now we will see what is Skype and it’s Features.

In simple words I can say that Skype is software that allow user to call through the internet to the other person provided person also having Skype in it’s smartphone or computer or laptop with internet connection. With the Skype you can make Video call , Voice Call and Even Text Messages and Call on phone to receiver .


Features Of Skype :

Video Call : Video call is just normal call like we call each other on out from our mobile phones just only difference is that both caller and receiver can see each other but here you need web camera for video chat.Here receiver should also have Skype on his device.

Voice Chat :It is similar to calling your friend from your mobile. Here advantage is you can make calls free and if front person is not online on Skype and have shard his mobile number you can also call him on his mobile using Skype credits(this credits you have to buy from Skype ).

Text Messages : You can also text message each other provided both user should be online on Skype for free.It makes you easy like we do chatting on Facebook and whatapp.

Skype first it was design for only providing calling facility using internet worldwide but now they are also offering features like sending files you need to other person share picks ,share your screen and much more.According to Skype stats it is used around 40 million user worldwide.

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Now Comes the question how to user Skype :

Above you have seen the various features provided by Skype now it’s time to see how to install and use the Skype on your device.
Here I am just showing you how to install it on your computer or laptop.
Installation :

  • Download and Install Skype Download Form Here.
  • After download double click on file and it will start downloading from it’s server and install in your device till then wait and have a cup of coffee.

Once download and installation part it over :
You can insert detail if you already have Skype account
Or You can click on sign up if you do not have account with Skype it will take you to it’s registration page fill in the detials thre and log in with that your username and password.
If you also have Hotmail/Live/Outlook account you can user that account to sign in to your Skype.

Now See How Can You Can Various Tool Of Skype And To Use them:

skype 2

  • As you can see on above Image I have marked some features with black arrows.I will show them To you and how to use them.
    1. Starting from Leftmost corner at the top of software you can see your name and before your name that is called Skype status that have 5 status.Online : This shows that you are online to you Skype contacts So they can contact you.It show green colour.
      Offline: This will make you offline here other user can see you are not available to contact this time it show grey color.
      Invisible :This status will make you invisible to other user but you can see which users are online to connect them whenever you want.It  will show green outline around Skype icon with grey color in it.
      Away /Busy :They both are similar. If you are online on Skype but notify user that you are away from your device you will set status as away. On the other hand you are online but busy doing some work you can make your status as busy.It will shown in red color.
    2. On left hand corner you will see contact who are online having green status icon beside their name.To contact them double click on their name and on side panel you will see details as in above window.Here as I have explain above can click on video call button to video call and Just to make call button to make voice call.
    3. On beside there is button with “+” sign on it will be used for features like sending file , share your screen etc.. as per your need.

Here I have shown you basic functionality a normal user seeking for.So you now now “What Is Skype And How To Use It“. Will this article help you out leave your suggestions and opinion in comment below.If you like share with you friends on Facebook and twitter.