Many people have a wrong perception about the muscle memory. But are you aware about what actually a muscle memory is? Do you know how does it work? Well if you don’t have any idea about the same then head forward with us to know about what is muscle memory and how does it work.

What is Muscle Memory?

Muscle Memory is basically NOT a type of memory which is stored in a body of a person but it is a memory which is actually stored in the brain of a person. It is a memory which is actually a cache of all the works frequently carried out by the muscles. This type of memory is also in a form of a procedural memory which helps the person in becoming fluent with works on repetition.

In general and simple terms, we can say that muscle memory is a type of movement where muscles grow familiar with the things over practicing again and again. Let us take an example of a new born baby who does not have any muscle memory for his or her activities like walking, crawling, eating and many more.

There is only one way in which the muscles of the new born can become habitual and that is through practicing them again and again with more trials and errors. After well practicing, the baby walks without more falling and is able to balance his body weight on his legs very well.

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How Muscle Memory works?

The precise mechanism of the muscle memory is still unknown but it is believed that a person learning and practicing any new or old activity, then actually the brain of a person works during that time. It is a memory which in actual becomes an unconscious process because the muscles of the body becomes habitual to various types of movement in body.


The muscle memory is being used in completing the tasks using less brain power where body learns the method of completing the task by the repetition and errors. For instance, when baby starts walking his muscles actually become habitual after repetition and every time without giving a though the child starts walking because of his muscle memory. The child doesn’t ask his body because his body knows how to complete the task and it is the neurons which tell brain to complete the task.

How Muscle Memory is developed?

Practice makes perfect

Muscle memory is developed when a person repeats the activity again and again. At this point the neurotransmitter chemicals stimulates the cells of the brain of a person which grow into dendrites, actually known as filaments and further these filaments reach out in order to connect with other brain cells. With repetitions, all the brain cells actually develops into a circuitry which is known as “neural pathway.” This pathway needs little time in establishing itself but after it gets established, brain no longer has to work harder. The most interesting thing associated with muscle memory is that, muscles actually don’t contribute anything to this memory. All resides in the brain and order muscles to do the tasks.

We hope that now all your doubts and misconceptions about muscle memory are cleared. :)

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