hat is impressions in Google Webmaster Tools? Many times i confused in what is difference between “impressions” in Google adsense & Google Webmaster tools, I’ve searched many times in internet for this query, so today I’m surprising that finally i got the difference, and i find it interesting to share this helpful information with my blogs readers. so, if you are adsense publisher then you should know that what is page impressions in Google adsense, but today we will discuss on what is impressions in Google webmaster tools.

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ImpressionsSo, what is impressions? it’s also called Page impression, Impression mean how many times your link/result appear in Google searches, Suppose you’ve published a article with any keywords as like “SEO tips”, when someone search this keyword in Google search box and your result appear in top 10 result then it will be count as page impression, (more example included) Suppose “SEO tips” keyword searched 4000 times  in Google searches in a single day and also your link appear then your article’s impressions will be count 4000.

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So, now whenever you want to know what is your page impressions in Google search then you can check in Google webmaster tools by easily, just go to Google webmaster tools —> Select your site/blog —> Dashboard —> Traffic —> Search Query .
Dashboard-traffic-search Query
So, now your mind have generated a new question that how to increase page impressions of your blog posts, then answer is, use always effective keywords for your content and article, what is effective keywords? keyword is the word chosen by you according to the purpose of your topic, when someone searched on Google search box with this word, your blog apears on search engine. so, make sure you included all important keywords in your article or content to make it effective. or simply write article on keywords which daily thousands times searched on Google by users. :)

Hope you find this helpful to manage the SEO for getting lot of traffic to your blog. please drop your comments and questions below.