Hello everyone we discuss about 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine. Now i would like to explain about automobile clutch.actually clutch is a device which engage and  disengage engine as per our need. It also provide the facility to change the gear as per vehicle speed.

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Clutch :

I already given definition of clutch in above paragraph now lets get detail description and understand the function of automobile clutch. Actually there are two plates uses in clutch. clutch plate and pressure plate. when these two plates are engage with each other engine and gear box are connected.when these two plates are disengage engine and gearbox are disconnected it means clutch provide facility to transmit the power from engine to gearbox or transmission system.

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Clutch plate :- This is the part which is connected with engine flywheel.it is made from strong cast iron material. in this plate facing is provided for mashing and rotating the pressure plate. in this plate some holes are provided for passing the oil for lubrication.and some spring are also given for proper mashing with pressure plate.  this spring is called clutch spring.

Pressure plate :- This is the part which provide the facility to mash with clutch plate and transmit the power. It is engaged with high pressure with clutch plate. It is also made from cast iron material and it’s structure also like clutch plate. When we press clutch pedal, clutch plate and pressure plate becomes disengage therefore engine power cannot be transmit to gearbox and when we realize the clutch pedal this to plates become engage. So, Engine power can be transmit till gearbox or transmission system. this is the mail function of clutch assembly.

Clutch assembly is a main part of  transmission system because it provides facility to transmit engine power till transmission system and gearbox. this is the next part of the automobile engine. Engine clutch and transmission system or gearbox are connected in one line. this three systems are connected with each other.engine, clutch assembly and gearbox or transmission system are connected in sequence.
There are many types of clutch uses in automobile like single plate clutch , multi-plate clutch  and diaphragm clutch.
In next article we will discuss about transmission system and gearbox. :)