Fierce market competition is forcing car manufacturers to produce better car models than ever. Innovation from old features and invention of new ones are popping out everywhere. This competition has benefited many car owners as they were able to offer an excellent value of return for their customer’s money and more quality car products.

Somehow there has been a setback within car designs. Creativity has pushed many manufacturers to go to producing cars with weird designs. The point is, these cars may appear unique to many, for others it may be awesome, but for those who can’t seem to understand, for them, things had gone weird.


Here are a few amazingly weird cars to take a look at and be the judge.

Retractable Doors of BMW Z1

This convertible car was mostly conventional of how it looks from inside and out. In line with other BMW convertible car lines, this is a very excellent ride to have. But, there is a feature with this particular unit that set it apart from most, it has super weird doors that could be slid vertically down to its chassis.

This unique door mechanism may offer you an ease from coming in and out of the car and perhaps a different experience compared to those closed cars; it is just very awkwardly because of the idea that you can drive with your doors down. Although, in some American states like Texas, it is legally acceptable to drive with doors down, why would anyone want to do that?

BMW Isetta

Amazingly vintage and wickedly weird, can anyone imagine a car with its steering wheel attached to its door? An Italian company built BMW Isetta in the 1950’s. It is a microcar which has a front door opening. It became famous because it’s doors can be swung outwards with the steering wheel attached.

Awkwardly, you might get the chance of having yourself trapped into it if you parked fronting and closely to a wall. Not only its doors are weird, but it also has forward-only gears, and for it to become legal to pass on some roads and highways, it needs to have a motorcycle license.

The Kaiser Darrin

An American sports car. The Kaiser Darrin came out in early markets about 1954 following the production of Chevrolet Corvette.

Though it has failed to meet the manufacturers and buyers expectation because it was underpowered and expensive, it was one of those beautiful cars of those times. It has featured what they call as “pocket doors” that you can slide towards the car’s body.

A Car Full of Surprises – TVR Cerbera

The Cerbera have regular looking doors but what makes it different from any other ordinary looking cars is the manner you open its doors. It is one of the first generation where the car owner can open the unit by pressing a button on the door mirror when you are entering from the outside.

Likewise, when you needed to go out of the car from the inside, you pressed a button on the center console. The TVR Cerbera was running good in the market until a certain legendary bad electrical system that makes it a horrible experience any driver won’t like. It happened that the door won’t open and the system malfunction.

Car enthusiasts and even small car owners are very particular when it comes to safety and security when driving their units, and situations like being trapped inside your vehicle are highly intolerable.

In reality, many experience this kind of trouble even with standard cars. Good thing there are some who are offering troubleshooting services for this cases like auto locksmith Houston, Texas.

Gull Wing Doors – Porsche Tapiro

This version of Porsche was one of the most iconic models of cars with the gullwing door. This car features a crisp design with an overall wedge shape. The car doors are lifted up to open which provide a relaxed and cozy feel when going inside and out.

This car is not only cool with its external look but also great with its overall driving performance. It can rate up to 220 horsepower when the engine is at 7800 RPM. A very powerful car indeed.

The Curvy Mercedes 300SL

This car model is Mercedes-Benz first SL-class grand tourer prototype. Dubbed as the Godfather of the gullwing door cars. This unit looks very spectacular with hi-tech spaceframe chassis and doors which allow climbing in as easy as going to bath.

Tesla Model X

Designed as a family car, Model X is the quickest, safest, most capable sports utility vehicle. This car can accommodate up to 7 adults and can go as fast as zero to 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds when accelerating. This SUV is known for its Falcon doors which can spread in line with the roof making it look like a falcon with spreading its wings.

The latest innovation of this model from its prototype brought features like surround cameras which allow a 360-degree vision around the vehicle. Since built with radar, this car is capable of detecting torrential rains and fog miles ahead from your current location.

These inclusions of technological improvements have allowed Model X to be one of the safest cars of its generation.

The Panther Mobile

The oddest amongst those in the list. This car has featured a design which driver seat has no doors. The car manufacturer created its passenger seat to a compartment-looking with a huge opening from the right side of the vehicle.

When it’s not that weird enough, well, it’s passenger compartment is designed as if the passenger is lying down while riding. It has no seat and appears it has a bedroom inside.

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Latest car innovation and of the past has the same thing in common. They both are aimed to catch something in the market. Manufacturer sometimes has to go beyond what is comprehensible that they tend to produce out of this world concepts.

With these cars having the strangest features, the fact they are somehow hitting what they are expected to decide in return, after all, it seems not a bad idea to create the weirdest design possible.