Although heels will forever have a place in our closets and hearts, it is currently time for the sneaker to take centre stage. Sneakers for women with fashionate designs have undoubtedly become the biggest trend in footwear this year, kicking off a fashion revolution of its own kind. Spotted on celebrities, models, designers and bloggers, the sneaker is perfect for all occasions and considered to be a gender-neutral footwear option. Once you pick out the sneaker of your choice, you will need to flaunt it with the right attire. Here are some suggestions for every sneaker type.


The chunky sneaker

The fashion elite is in love with the chunky styled sneakers that also are a form of sports sneakers. With athletic details, these shoes are sure to put the spring in your step. Although styled to represent the 80s, when worn with the right outfits these sneakers leave your entire look bedazzled. Pick out light shades and feminine pieces to go with these shoes. Contrasting styles will not only bring about a modern look but also move them from the 80s to the current trend. Wear light cotton or satin clothes such as pyjamas and tracks to create loose, elongated silhouettes. It is easy to pull off a relaxed and fresh style with the chunky sneakers. Midi dresses and cropped pants let you flash some skin, which will balance these shoes.

High top or no top

Female fashionistas prefer the high top styled sneakers; same as how the men prefer it. Pick the right pair from a variety of high tops to suit your lifestyle. Made out of canvas, these high top sneakers provide a retro look when matched with simple tees, high-waist jeans and vintage denim jackets. Modern clothing that portrays attitude is ideal with these shoes such as a midi trapeze dress with a bomber or leather jacket. A flash of skin at your ankles is a must in order to balance the high top styling.

Make your sneakers pop

While white sneakers have proved to be a top favourite amongst women, adding a pop of colour to your footwear is seen to make a statement. For those who like blue, red, yellow and other bright shades, this is the year to make the coloured sneakers a trend. If you don’t like coloured sneakers, add that splash of colour with the laces in the shade of your choice. Casual yet simple clothing pieces are ideal to ensure the attention is just on your showstopper shoes. Boyfriend jeans or cropped trousers are the perfect bottom wear options for pulling off this look.

Go metallic!

While the athletes prefer sparkling golf, the street style is equally high shine, metallic shoes. Rose gold and silver are other winning colour options in the metallic sneaker trend. Same as statement sneaker, these “look at me” sneaker options must be styled to become the focus of the crowd. Wear simple garment options with classic silhouettes. Black, white, navy, grey and other neutral shades ensure that your clothing doesn’t clash with the metallic hues of the sneakers. Add matching accessories in the same metallic hues to finish this chic look.

However, women’s sneakers have become a top pick due to these fashionable trends. Choose a pair that suits your personality and rock the year ahead!