Isn’t it an amazing feeling when we receive warm birthday wishes from our close ones? Yes, for me it is a wonderful feeling which brings happiness and instant smile on my face. But when it is about responding you the birthday wishes, it becomes difficult for us to find the right words. Sometimes even I have a lot to say, but I could not able to pen down my feelings in my own words and even I get confused how to say it. I have received numerous queries asking me to share some ways to say thank you for the birthday wishes. So, here I am with the same. I had already shared creative ways to say happy birthday some time back and I hope you did like that.

We at MakingDifferent have got the best ways to say thank you for the birthday wishes you receive. It is not a compulsion to say thank you to each and every person with different messages. You can simply write one common message for all. It doesn’t only save your time, but even helps in making your efforts simple. There are a lot of creative ways to say thanks, but there are only a few, yet the best ways to thank you for the birthday wishes.


Ways to say Thank You for the Birthday Wishes

Facebook and Other Social Media Websites
Facebook and other social media websites have managed to make our lives much easier. Because now, we can save our time from those long phone calls for wishing our friends a very happy birthday.

Do you know a Facebook way to thank you for the birthday wishes?

Yes, Facebook has come up with an interesting way which reminds the users about the birthday wishes they receive. You can simply post your messages on your friend’s profile without spending money or time. And now, with a new feature, Facebook has given its users a tag of “feeling thankful” with a reminder message, “We hope you had a great birthday! Want to thank your friends for their birthday wishes? Add to a new post.”

Not only Facebook but now, people can even wish their friends on other social media websites like Twitter, Instagram by posting pictures along with the personalized messages. Sharing your messages and expressing your gratitude to those people who wished you on your birthday through Facebook and other social media websites is considered to be one of the simplest and easiest ways to thank them.

Thank You Images
Saying thank you for the birthday wishes through the images is another best way to show your gratitude towards those people who wished you. What you actually need to do is to find the best and the most appropriate image with a perfect thank you message to post on your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Also, you can place the image with the message as your cover pic on Facebook or display picture on Twitter or Instagram. You can even tag your friends which will turn this way into a more effective one. This is the best way to ensure that all of your friends have received your Thank you for their birthday wishes.

Personal messages or Use WhatsApp
Do you know that your personal messages can even work? Yes, but only if you find the right words to say thanks. You can send personalized messages to your close and most important friends individually. You can even make a group of friends on WhatsApp and send a single thank you message to all at once. This will help you in saving your time and also a nice way to respond to their beautiful birthday wishes.

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Video messages
A video message one of the most amazing ways to say thank you for the birthday wishes you receive. Your recorded video will show your friends your feelings and how grateful you are for the birthday wishes they gave you. You can upload the video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even you can send it on WhatsApp.

A person takes out few seconds to wish you on your birthday and makes you feel special. So, to show them your gratitude with proper etiquettes, it is important to respond them in the right way with the right words. I had also previously discussed about how to say thank you for the birthday wishes, but I didn’t talked about the ways to say thank you for the birthday wishes. So, here I have listed the best ways through which you say thanks to all those people who wished you on your birthday. If you have some more ideas to share with us and want us to add the same to this article, then without hesitating, you can simply mail us about the same. And don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends because I am sure that it will benefit them in one or the other way.