Google’s search results change constantly to satisfy the needs of the users. Search engine results will change based on the popularity of the server. Companies will be able to market their products as the search engine results will depend on the number of visitors who visit a particular website. In the case that a website is highly visited it will have a high search engine results and will be easily accessed. Websites will be coded to increase the reliability of the information and be ranked highly by Google.

1. Introduction of the knowledge graph
The search engine results pages (SERP) for the knowledge graph will mostly be based on movies and politicians. The pages will answer all the questions that an individual may have about a particular thing that is common. There will be more information collected by the knowledge graph to have a proper understanding about a particular topic. The user will be able to rank the information provided by the SERP following a particular link for improved services to the consumers. The queries will be properly handled by the knowledge graph to provide reliable information about a particular topic.

2. Partnership with social media platforms
This is where Google will use the social media platform to rank various websites based on the number of followers. The information from social media platforms will be integrated to search engine result pages to provide more information about a particular topic. The information from social media platform will be available in Google pages in case the information is relevant to the topic. The ranking of websites and pages will depend much on the popularity of posts on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

3. Decline of traditional listing
The implementation of the knowledge graphs and social media entries the listing of search engine results pages will change. The listing of pages will decline due to the implementation of the knowledge graph and social entries. The ranking will be based on the entries that are reliable per page. The page with more entries that are reliable will appear on top followed by the pages with lower reliability entries. The listing will change dynamically due to the introduction of pages with more reliable information which are ranked higher. The search engine strategies of various pages will change to adapt to the change in listing tactic for a competitive advantage by providing reliable information.

4. Come up with Indexed Apps
This is where Google will introduce Apps which will provide information relating to a particular topic. The Apps will have the information that could be acquired from the SERPs which is reliable for the user. For instance, an individual who needs a particular recipe will download the App providing the information rather that searching the information from search engine results pages from Google.

5. Development of more communicating elements
There will be a more interactive site online to increase the spread of information between the users. The response from the users will be considered in coming up with SERPs that provide dependable information. There will be the development of SEO to handle the various changes based on the information acquired online from interacting with the users. Google will adopt new technologies to allow interaction of business online for increased market share.