The answer to this question could be a mixed one and may fluctuate with the way you are watching it over internet. Shows without them clearly reveals the fact that it is not legal as a producer will never permit his show to be released without fetching any money via advertisement. In case if you are among those who download and watch such illegal content than you are surely going to face security risk as most of such sites are followed by malware.


So the question arises if they could be watch for free and that too legally?
Internet world has never known the meaning of no so surely you have many sites to watch them for free.

  1. Hulu this is the one stop landmark for viewing trailers, movies and TV shows legally for those who are residing in US. It is collaboration between Fox, NBC etc.
  2. Joost it could be defined as a collective box of diversified content that contains many classical cartoons like Popeye, He- Man, GI Joe, Fat Albert, Transformers etc.
  3. Emol you could watch diverse free TV shows, music videos, public domain movies and videos over this page.
  4. ABC this site exemplifies typifies popular shows like Desperate Housewives, Dancing with the stars, Lost, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, and Extreme Makeover etc.
  5. A&E this site shows famed shows including Dog the Bounty Hunter, Obsessed, Intervention, The Cleaner etc.
  6. CBS this entire page is a kingpin of popular shows including CSI, 60 Minutes, and The Amazon Race etc.
  7. Comedy Central this site shows popular shows including South Park, The Colbert Report, and The Daily Show etc.
  8. FX you could see shows like Rescue Me, 30 Days, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia etc.
  9. Lifetime this network features Army Wives, How to Look good Naked, How I met Your Mother etc shows.
  10. this site has a kingpin of popular and recent shows.
  11.  Discovery Channel Man Vs Wild, Verminators, The Colony etc shows are featured in this page.
  12. Fox famed shows including 24, Hell’s Kitchen, Cops, American Idol; The Simpson etc are shown in this popular channel.
  13. MTV this page has all shows for young generation including The Hills, Punk’d, America’s Best Dance Crew etc.
  14. History Channel This site features Pawn Stars, Expedition Africa Ice Road Truckers etc.
  15. NBC you could see all popular shows here including ER, Saturday Night Live, America’s Got Talent, Heroes along with various classical shows.
  16. VHI Brooke Knows Best, T.O. shows, Sober House etc can be seen in this site.
  17. USA Burn Notice, Psych, Royal Pains, Monk etc shows are feature in this site.
  18. TNT many popular shows including ER, Bones, Law and Order, The Closer and Saving Grace is shown here.
  19. TheCW Shows like 90210, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl, and America’s Top Model etc are dignity of this channel.
  20. SpikeTV shows like Manswers, TNA Impact, Jesse James is a Dead Man, and Pros Vs Joes are the popular shows of this channel.
  21. TLC Cake Boss, Miami Link, Say Yes to the Dress, Flip That House etc could be seen on this site.
  22. TBS this page features 10 Items or less, My Boys, Seinfeld and Family Guy etc.
  23. TheWB it shows a complete package of new and old shows like Babylon 5, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Buffy, The Lake, and Smallville etc online.

So how people manage to see illegal TV shows?

  1. TV streaming sites – there is several TV sites that had built up link to various places on internet and it permits the users to download their desire TV shows from other external sources. If you visit such sites a common dialogue appears that do not bear responsibility for the content shared there. Generally they have interrupted links. Though the sites are not illegal but the content shared there are often known to fall not in the legal lane. Avoiding these sites is the perfect solution to avoid falling trap in the hand of spyware, malware or virus.
  2. Bittorrents – using this site for downloading various TV show is a common practice. Shows without copyright is shown here.

What are the non-free solutions apart from that mention above?

  • Netflix you may have to pay a very minute membership fee, for the enormous TV shows they have. You could utilize them with a small rent or via various streamed with your TV or PC.
  • Amazon Prime – you have to pay here annually and via you could enroll yourself for the permission of having two day free shipping over your entire purchase and could access over online streaming service of them. It has countless movies and TV shows for you in their magical box.

Supporting Hardware devices for Internet TV programs

Apart from the suggestions mentioned above certain hardware devices are there that supports Internet TV programs. Tivo, XBOX, Roku, Wii, PS3 etc are the suggestive devices to watch online TV programs.
These are the various suggestive measures that you should follow if you are planning to watch TV and movie online. Happy watching!!

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