Time is something that has been valued the most in the recent times. The intrinsic value of time cannot be ignored by any means. Money is capable of buying anything but not time. Every human being is allotted a fixed set of time in their life span. Once the time of life is expired no one can win it back. You can bring anything back but not the time that has passed out. Time is something that cannot be borrowed or lend, neither it could be shared.

Life is a cycle where no one knows how long they are going to cycle. The life span can sustain for decades or could end after few minutes. It comes as a surprise whenever it runs off. It’s tough to imagine whether you have time in the next moment or not.

How you are wasting the valuable minutes of your lifeImage: whenlifegiveslemons.com

The value of time is precious than anything but the biggest drawback is people fails to measure the value of time at the right time and they are left with regrets only. Everyone knows the value of this but still they tend to ignore its importance. Approx 90% of the world population waste their time knowingly or unknowingly. Every 60 minutes that is not utilized by you are the time that you have wasted. You must be wondering you have always been smart in your life than how you are wasting your time. Lets read it one by one:

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Stuck with your phone for long- calculate the daily hours that you spend in checking your phone. Texting, surfing over social networking sites, updating and many such similar activities over phone consumes many valuable hours of your life. No one can deny the reality that technology had hold a great importance in our life but what is needed most is the restriction over your usage. People are busier in recording memories rather than building them. The hardest fact is one doesn’t have time to see them but still they waste time in recording them. This time would have been used to meet some loved ones or someone new- building new relations. An extra hour of work would have helped you to stay ahead in your career or would have called for vacation early. Spending less hours over phone would have helped you in living the moments of life in more cherished way.

Hiccups in leaving one’s comfort zone- laziness is something that holds a great role in everyone’s life. One needs to choose every now and then but often it demand to shift from you from your comfort zone.

If you choose one option then you need to shift the level of your comfort. Often people leave opportunity in order to avoid the comfort zone. People also keep one comparing their satisfaction level but forget that the level of satisfaction decreases and one should keep on experimenting to have more fun.

Spending money on the unnecessary stuff – today time in true sense could be regard as money and if it is utilized properly then really you can have lots of money. In case if you are among those who are having loads of money than time show you the way by which you can utilize them properly and can have better life. You may be in a condition to survive happily but when you have the opportunity to spend the life in luxurious way then why not utilize this time properly. Ensure that you do not keep on wasting your precious time and hard earned money in trivial things.

Doing things which are not needed- everyone is bound with their own habits and their routine. To decide our routines we get involve indecision making which may be correct or incorrect as humans are made to error time by time. Sometimes the indulgences of making poor decision are not a bad idea but if it is at the cost of your need then you are calling for trouble.

Ignoring your body- a healthy body gives space to all happiness. Physical health is what one should maintain till they are alive as a sound physical health adds more years to your life. A healthy body has all the positive features of what one carve for in life. You need to remember that if you want all the flowers to bloom for you than you need to remember to say no to all those things that might turn your physical health in doomed way. Above all if you can’t have time to keep yourself healthy than that time really have no meaning for you at all.

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Take care of your brain- mind demands maintenance that too on regular basis alike the body. Often people neglect it with improper eating and fail to grab the needed nutrients that lead to secretion of chemical reactions. Failing to do regular exercise leads to unhealthy mind and improper sleep leads to tired brain. These activities will lead to less enjoyment of life. A healthy mind is a shelter to all happiness. Happiness is something that is not followed by any mythological belief but comes from the mixture of chemical reactions.

Insufficient sleep- as already explained mind requires sufficient sleep to function properly. It also helps them to stay sane. If you really want your body to function well then sufficient sleep is compulsory for you. The level of better combination of body and mind leads to better feeling in you. There are a whole set of people who believe that less sleep and more work will shape them in a smart and happy person. If the time spans for which you awake provide more enjoyment and pleasure than what you have gained through sleeping, surely than it is better option.

Spending more time with those who matter less- here the social level is what one is talking about! In the selfish world where all are living today tend to spend time more with those who actually does not matter for them at all. Some people are good with us even if they are not a part of it others wastes your valuable time, leave you with those misery moment whose memories will only bring tears to your eyes, damage your emotional level for prolong period and will add more negative chapters to the worst experience part of your life- only because you decide to spend time with wrong person. It could have been better if you would have been with someone good.

Wrong job, right person- certainly a wrong phrase but it holds true in maximum job scenario today! A human being spends at least 40 hours of their life in a week at their work place which comes to almost 7 years if we take 30 years as an average working life of a person. Money is surely needed to shape your life in a better way but why not spend this time with enjoyment. In case if you think that you are working at a wrong place than change it today or at least tries to get one for you. If you end up with right job then surely you will utilize the time in proper way.

Living life with regrets-no one lives the life they dream of especially the material wants but what you can start with to have fun and happiness with what you have. Have a positive control over your life rather than negativity has a hold on you. Its your life design it in the best way you can.

Be smart in the way you lead your life, don’t waste time for the things which will waste your life. You have got the life for once only so lead it with complete satisfaction!