We should take this time to be honest with ourselves. The majority of car enthusiasts are teenagers. We are not all going to become millionaires or rich enough to afford the next supercar. If we did watch Top Gear, then we wanted to live vicariously through the presenters. Being in love with cars is something we will eventually grow out of. Areas of new importance will take over our lives such as family and love. Or will they? Maybe it is possible to stay that car obsessed teenager for the rest of your life. You could make it big and be able to afford one of the most expensive hobbies. Perhaps, you will become the next Lewis Hamilton. Or, maybe you can get a job reviewing the latest mechanical beasts. Only one thing is certain. We all start off in exactly the same place. Desperately trying to pass our driving test. But that is easy to do.

sport carImage: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pcw/9054477464

First, pick a car to learn how to drive in. For most of us, this will be one of our parents vehicles. But the lucky few may have enough cash lying around to buy their very first car. Is this you? Then you need to think about your choice carefully. Be realistic. You do not want to learn to drive in one of the cars reviewed on this website. They are too powerful, no matter how fantastic you think you are at driving.

Second, book your theory test. You can find theory test booking online. The theory test is easy. Buy a booklet and get studying. It is a hit and click test where you select the hazards as they appear on a driving video. A little bit of work and you will get over this obstacle with no problem. Then we get to the fun part.

Third, you will need to book some driving lessons. Driving lessons can be fun and very challenging at the same time. It will often depend on your instructor. A good instructor will know how to get you through the learning process quickly. But they will do it without creating too much pressure. Do not be surprised if they occasionally get irritated with you. There will be at least one factor of driving that will take some time to master. For me, it was parallel parking.

Fourth, do some practice in your own time. You will need someone in the car with you who is over the age of twenty-one. Again, this will most likely be your mother or father. Perhaps an older sibling. We do not suggest you pick the best driver in your family or the person who will take things easy with you. Go for a nice medium between the two.

Finally, once you have taken enough lessons and passed your theory, you will be ready to take the test. Remember to relax and stay calm. Avoid making any avoidable mistakes. For instance, always watch your speed even on open roads. Think of it like any other exam. Each part is a question with a right and wrong answer. Take your time and think about the problem carefully. You will quickly overcome it. Once you pass with flying colours, you can start looking into buying those super cars. Although we would guess, you are probably going to end up in a hatchback. Have fun on the roads!