Humavox‘s ETERNA charging platform is the only one in current existence that charges devices using radio frequencies, but over a short range. The technology uses a Thunderlink receiver that needs to be implemented in the electronic device, and you can simply place the device inside the NESTcharging station whenever you need to.

ETERNA offers a lot of features that make it highly efficient; a lot more than most wireless charging technology platforms. The following are some benefits of using the ETERNA platform:

wireless charging

It Isn’t Likely To Suffer Damage

Unlike the case is with traditional charging devices, is nowhere near likely to suffer damage. Traditional chargers can easily get damaged and end up needing replacement, but ETERNA has no wires. Moreover, ETERNA uses a really small receiver for embedding in devices, which is way less likelier to suffer physical damage in any way.

ETERNAOffers High Convenience

The ETERNA platform offers a level of convenience no other might. It lets you turn almost any container into a charger station, so you can have your device charged with high speed and efficiency every time you store your device wherever you usually do. Be it a box, drawer, cabinet, or any other container, your device will be charged. And you won’t even have to try!

It’s Way Faster

ETERNA charges your devices way faster than most charges- be it wired, or wireless. Nest, ETERNA’s radio frequency power-transmitter controls the entire charging process and ensures maximum charging speed and efficiency. ETERNA constantly works to optimize the charging process to make it better.

It Keeps Your Device Safe

The ETERNA wireless radio frequency charger is as safe for electronic devices as it can be. It uses no wires and does not push too little or too much energy on devices, making it as safe and harmless as anything like it can get. And there’s not even any wires to suddenly catch fire or a misfitting USB to damage the port. ETERNA is just as safe as it is amazing.

ETERNAOffers High Efficiency

ETERNA offers high charging efficiency. Its Charging Optimizer works in real time to maximize the efficiency your device gets charged with, greatly reducing time and energy loss. The real-time charging optimizer and the short range of ETERNA makes sure maximum energy is utilized in charging your device, and the amount of energy lost in the atmosphere is minimum.

Charge Multiple Devices At Once

The Nest Charging Station can charge multiple electronic devices at once, without ever bothering to switch anything on or connect them to a receiver. The ETERNA wireless radio frequency charging platform carries no restrictions.

Complete Support

The Thunderlink receiver can be used with any device. Literally, any device.
It can be integrated with any IC or PMIC, and hence, can be used with any device you need to charge.

Most Importantly, You Don’t Even Have To Care

You don’t even have to bother switching on chargers or plugging in USBs. ETERNA’s nothing about worries. All you’ll ever have to do is leave your phone in the Nest, and wait for ETERNA to show it’s magic.

Wait, it’s not magic. It’s just that nothing else work like ETERNA.