Going paperless makes workflows faster. Scanning of documents saves storage space and time. Now-a-days everyone scan their documents like business people scan receipts, forms, meeting agendas and much more. It even reduces your loads while travelling as you need not require carrying any documents or files.  Even students scan articles for study and research or any project work given to them.  After your documents are scanned, it is stored as a searchable PDF file and it is fast to search the file. There are lots of Android apps available on the play store that can convert any documents into PDF file. Google Drive app is one such app that helps you scan your documents and store it right in your drive.

Use Google Drive As PDF Scanner App

For this you need not install any PDF scanner app in your device. Google drive has integrated document-scanning and OCR capabilities.

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Scanning documents using Google Drive

All you need to do is click a photo from your android using scan option on Google Drive and it will save and upload that file as PDF on your Google Drive.

  • Open the Google Drive app from your Smartphone. You will find a scan button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap this scan option with camera like icon.
  • After this, you would see capturing screen. Take a snap of the document you would like to scan with the help of phone’s camera.
  • You can even delete the photo, if you don’t like it as you will receive a preview image of the click. You can do this by clicking on the refresh button and take another photo.
  • You can scan other pages if your document has several pages by touching + button.
  • Touch the checkmark once you complete scanning pages. It will save your document in your drive as a searchable PDF file.

Even edit option is available to edit your PDF file directly from your Smartphone before saving it on Google Drive. Along with scan feature there are other buttons on the same bar to take action on the Drive.  Like you can find a create option which allows you to create a new document, or a folder in Drive. You can even upload images, music’s and files to drive from other apps by touching the upload button provided on the same bar.

You can even add a scanning shortcut to your home screen. You can add a Drive scan widget on the home screen of your device. By this your documents will be automatically scanned and saved to the specified folder. So just use this Drive scanner and save your device’s space. So directly capture image as PDF and make use of your android as power user.