Yes, you have heard it correct. You can use your Android phone as a free Wi-Fi hotspot and get your laptops, computers, tablets and other gadgets straight to the web with that Android device present in your pocket. You can also use the Wi-Fi tethering plan to use your hotspot app supplied by your carrier and can even transfer all the data connections to your laptops or computer.

Use Android Phone as a Wifi Hotspot for free

But many customers have to pay a premium for the ability to redirect their data plans to other devices. So to overcome this extra payout, many of them choose different ways to circumvent these hotspot roadblocks. Some choose to root their device which may void your warranty. So many users step back from rooting up their device. But now you need not worry as there are many third party apps to turn your device into hotspot without rooting it. And such third party app is hotspot control app.

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Hotspot Control

This is a tiny app that enables or disables Portable Hotspot functionality of Android. But you must note that this app is used for local connections only. This can be done in Android settings. But this functionality may not be available when no SIM is inserted. This simple app creates your Wi-Fi access point name assign its password. On the notification bar of your device, you can see the Wi-Fi tethering or hotspot activation notification too. This doesn’t require any extra configuration for accessing. This simple app comes with a straight forward interface to complete the task. All you need to do is, just download this app from the Google play store and start installation. In one case the installation is finished, you can allow tethering by simply getting down this app and adding your network name and password that is compulsory for your WI-Fi device’s security. At once as you have activated your device’s data plan and launched the hotspot control app on your device, it would immediately tolerate the other device to plug in to your device through WI-Fi and also be able to utilize your data plan. This app always uses password for security and also uses WPA2AES+TKIP security to make your Wi-Fi secure. So your data plan is not used by anyone else.

This is a friendly user interface app as in most cases rooting is not required. This app can be accessed only on devices running on android 4.0.3 and above. And it needs only 80K of free storage space and can be downloaded for free. This is a data unlimited app.
It is better if you use data limited app like My data manager, 3G Watchdog. This will help you avoid over usage of net beyond your data plan.


  1. SSID and password can be changed for security purpose.
  2. Friendly accessibility (no configuration required).
  3. Use your Android phone as Hotspot without rooting your device.
  4. You can share your net connections with other Wi-Fi enabled devices quickly.