List of top 10 hidden Google tricks : Google had always remain a package of unknown and the list of these tricks which are practically not known to mass are listed below but the funniest part is generally these are used by all:

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Definition : You are just required to type that you want a particular word to be defined and the screen will easily flash the definition of that word.


Local area search : You are just required to click to the Google local area option and enter the area that you are looking for or any particular place by inserting keywords. You will get the place easily with a simple click.
Google Search for "Restaurant"


Lookup for phone number : You are just required to insert the complete phone number, and do not forget to mention the code of your area. The entire information related to name and address which are associated with that particular number will display on your screen.


Search weather as well as movies : This is one of the simple trick to try. Just type movies or the weather along with the city or states zip code for the above mentioned details. It will display the theaters for watching that particular movie in that area. You could also educate yourself with weather update through this tip. No matter where you are, these informations are just a click away! In case of need do try this trick, its really amazing!
Google search for Weather
Google search for latest movies on theaters

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Trace packages or single airline flight : Simply type the name of airline along with the flight number and easily arrest the status of the selected flight along with the time of its arrival. You will get entire information without any hiccups. You could also go to the direct link and could get the direct link option of information related to package tracking simply by typing FedEx, UPS or USPS numbers.
Delta 1456


Translation : Translation is no more a tedious job when you use Google. You just required to type a word with your language that you want to be translated in your language. for an example if you want to translate word “miscellaneous” in Hindi, just type in Google search box like this : “miscellaneous translation in hindi” . You can also use Google Translate tool.
Google Translate


Pages associated to you : It is very essential to stay updated to the content of web pages that are linked to your own blog or your website by just entering link: which should be followed by the URL of your blog or website like this : displays all web pages linking to


Search only PDF results : First of all include file type in your search so that you can claim particular file types. Like in case if you are looking for PDF results then type name of that file with filetype:PDF. for an example if you are looking for “1920s slang” PDF file then simply type like this : “1920s slang filetype:pdf” will give you the desired results. Just remember to mention pdf with your search. Online tools get easier to look over via it.
search PDF files


Calculator- essential tool : Google Search engine could be utilized in the form of a calculator and could solve the toughest mathematical problems. You could easily get the answer without pressurizing your brain. Just type calculator in Google search box then you would see a calculator right in the search results that you can use instantly.
Google Calculator


Stocks : Get the entire stock quote including chart, price and also the links that are related to the stock symbol in Google. for example typing Stocks:msft displays the stock information for Microsoft.
Google Stocks search

Google has a lot for all and knowingly or unknowingly you explore them. Keep exploring and keep enjoying!