Oh Gosh! Your girlfriend’s birthday is far a week from now and you are already feeling jittery and nervous. Ah! But why? Um, let me guess. You are scared of your mind asking you questions about what to gift your girlfriend on her birthday to make her feel special. So, here I am with the best unique birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend, which will definitely make her feel all the more special on her birthday sweeping her feet off from the floor. And what’s more? The happiness of your girlfriend on receiving a special gift from you will leave her more fallen for you and even will have no connection with your wallet.

A Birthday is a special occasion of the year which happens only once and everything is just for you, whether a cake or gifts and all the pampering. This special day is really important for girls as compared to boys because girls do start preparing themselves a month before for their birthday. Talking about myself, my shopping starts about a month before and I really love the pampering by my friends, who always say “Priya-It’s your birthday”. I just cherish those moments and people who give in their extra for making me smile on my special day. So, here are the unique gift ideas.


Surprise her by inviting her family and friends

To make her feel special on her birthday, you can invite all those people who are special for her, like her family and few close, best friends from school or college or some people whom she loves. You might can invite those people whose appearance would make her feel delighted all over. You just have to manage to keep everything a secret until the arrival of the guests at the venue.

Surprise her with a Serenade at your dinner table

Ah! I would love to have a boyfriend who can surprise me by gifting me a serenade on my birthday. You can take our girl out for a candle-lit dinner and make all the arrangements beforehand, so that the staff at the restaurant as well as the people who are dining in at that moment wishes her. Ask all the people, including the doorman, the manager, waiter to play her favourite songs, which only you know. Boyfriends really don’t do this, but we girls do wish them that they would.

Cook her favourite food

Ah! This is quite a tricky one, because to be specific my guy love to cook, but not every guy cooks. So, you can find out from her friends or any of her cousin about her favourite food and try to cook for her. Just present her with all the little joys to see a sunrise on her face. Your efforts would definitely make her jump off her feet.

Gift her memories

Gift your girlfriend her memories of her childhood. You have to prepare a collage of all her pictures of each birthday or her best pictures till date. Since you have to procure all her pictures from her family and friends, so you really need to work very carefully.

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Gift your feelings

Now, this is truly very special because you will be writing all your feelings on a piece of paper, what you have for her. If you are confused, then let me explain it in brief. You will not only tell her about your love feelings, but even what you have stored in for her as a friend, a commitment, an affection, an admiration and much more. Just feel free while writing your messages and hide them all over her house at different places, let her find them by herself. I am sure that she would be strewn by your love and if my guy would do give me a surprise like this, then I would be on CLOUD 9!

No doubt! Every girl wants a guy who surprises her on every occasion which holds a special place in her life, especially her birthday. Giving surprises to your girlfriend is unbelievably romantic and you can even plan out a romantic vacation with her. I am sure that your efforts would bring your girlfriend to tears and she will cherish all those moments in her life.

So, these are the unique birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend. Don’t just wait now and go ahead for testing out a few of these ideas which you liked for her birthday.