There are many unified communications (UC solutions) on the market today, offering companies and businesses options that suit their budget and requirements perfectly. The solutions are also affordable, which means even small businesses and startups can benefit from these systems without having to invest a lot of money.

When you take a closer look at the available UC solutions, you will find that there are several features available on all of them. These features are the ones that are adding the most benefits to businesses. We are going to review some of the features and see how they can help you have a more successful business or be more productive at work.

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Unified Number for All Communications

Every UC system combines telephony, data transfers and other communication services into a single platform. Since these different services are now provided by a single system, it is not surprising to find one unified number for reaching each user or member of the team.

Unified numbers is one of the best features offered by UC solutions for obvious reasons. For starters, you can always reach a user – a coworker or even top managers – on that single number. The system will then automatically route your phone or video call to the correct receiving device.

Unified numbers also allow data-based communications to be done the same way. Need to send the latest report to a particular person? You can use the internal system to send digital documents using nothing but the unified number of the recipient.


Presence is another great feature that has changed the way we communicate with other people in the system greatly. Instead of trying different contact nodes to reach a person, you can now see the best way to reach that person directly on the user interface.

In the old days, we manually dialed a person’s extension number. If that didn’t work, we tried the person’s cell phone. Eventually, we ended up leaving an email message so the person could reply to our request.

The UC solution makes everything better. You can check the person’s availability – the person’s presence – and instantly know the best way to communicate with him or her. If the person is at his office, for instance, you can make an IP call or video call right away. You can also leave a message or a voicemail directly through the same system.

If he’s not at the office, the system – as explained above – will also check if he can be reached on his mobile device. You don’t even have to know the mobile number to be able to reach him.

Integrated Client and Vendor Relationship Management

The true power of UC solutions lies in the ability to manage and document every communication in the system. This includes the sales calls or follow up emails you make to clients and vendors. The next time you try to communicate with the same client, an automated popup will appear and you will be able to see the previous notes, communication details and other information needed to provide a streamlined client service.

These features are not new to businesses and corporations. We have had CRM solutions available for a few years. Having the same capable system integrated into a unified communications platform, however, is allowing companies and businesses to be more efficient and productive.

Disaster Recovery

This last feature is also a great one for maintaining a high level of productivity and reducing loss of sales or clients. When a sales officer is unreachable, the system can automatically recover the call and redirect it to the next available officer.

That officer can still offer the same personalized services to the client too, since he or she will automatically receive the necessary information to know the client’s needs and requirements in just a few seconds.

More importantly, the same disaster recovery system applies to the internal workflow as well. When a critical decision needs to be made – such as when a custom quote needs to be approved by a supervisor or a sales manager and the person in charge is not reachable, the system can automatically find the best person to contact in the situation.

All of these features, plus the fact that great UC solutions can be implemented and maintained at a relatively low price thanks to companies like KBZ, makes the solutions well worth every penny. You may even be using one at work or as part of your business workflow. If you haven’t, now is the best time to implement a solution that suits you and enjoy these features.