Posting your own article on another reputable website is called guest posting. Guest posting and guest blogging is the same thing. When you post your own article on another authority’s websites, then that is called guest blogging or guest posting.

We everybody know that there is no shortcut in our life. Every shortcut will not bring you the success. Because success depends on many factors. A lot of hard work, a lot of dedication and patience are worked here. I think this indication can change your subject matter.

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Before hitting on root, we need to know some basic things that everyone should need to know?

  1. What is real guest blogging?
  2. How to send request for guest blogging?
  3. How to write guest post?
  4. Why you are failing as a guest blogger?
  5. What is the advantage of guest blogging?

In the beginning, I already described guest blogging in a shorter version. I kept it short for your real attraction. Now I going to described this guest blogging as a bigger version. I think, this post can go viral if this post gains some real value from search engines.

What is real guest blogging?

I know that real is very attractive word. I knew that I done this job very smartly. But I am telling you there is nothing hides behind the word real. Here, real means how you compatible up to with your writing. What senses are working for your guest blogging?

Now come to the main point of view what is guest blogging or guest posting. Guest blogging means write an desired article and give them to other blogger or publisher and when it goes live then this is called guest posting or guest blogging.

What is Real Guest Blogging
In another word guest blogging or guest posting defined as a contributor. As the term guest posting accepted by the author and goes live on owner’s website then guest poster defined or contribute as a guest contributor. A real guest blogger and a real contributor is the same thing by calling.

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How to send request for guest blogging?

After understanding what guest blogging is then you need to know that thing how you send a real guest post request to your desired website owner or for bloggers. There are many people who don’t know how to send guest post or guest blogging request.

For this mind they send lousy email. That is full of irrelevant talking and offers. We understanding that are not the way. We need to talk with them as a convincing way. So do you understand what I am going to indicate you? For this use this type of message that will help you to understand you importance.

Use this message for request.


How are you doing? My name is (Your name) and I’m the author of (Your website address).

I’ve been reading your blog from several days now. And I really like the way you take care of your readers.

I know you’re a busy blogger and I don’t want to kill your precious time by writing a lousy email, so I’m directly coming to the point.

I want to guest post on your blog.

Few writing samples:

(Give some web address here where your articles are already published) Keep in mind one thing that gives address where your guest posts are really published.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.


(Your name)

How to write guest post?

After sending the request most of the people will response you. They will ask you for guest post. But by this time you need to keep in mind that is familiar with this? I know that your answer will be yes. Then start to write your first guest post.

Before starting a guest post you must read the guest post guidelines that’s create by the site owners. Every website owner has their own guest post policy and rules and regulation. Always try to follow these rules and regulation. It will help you to accept you guest post first.

First select your topic. That’s you want to write. Before start your writing, keep some research on this topic. It will help you write depth content. If you haven’t much knowledge on desired topics then it will be misbehavior for you. Always do some research and then start to write.

When you write, and then don’t stop. Don’t look on what you writing on screen. If you look at your monitor several times, then it will get late to write thousands of words.

Why you are failing as a guest blogger?

Yes there are several reasons for failing as a guest blogger. We all people know that there is nothing comes to easy. We need to give lot of dedication for our work. Some most reasons are

  1. You are not following guest blogs guest post guideline.
  2. You stole your guest post from others.
  3. You are not able to deliver good quality articles for their readers.
  4. Your article contains poor spelling and grammatical errors.
  5. You are doing this only for link building.

What is the advantage of guest blogging?

Yes guest blogging has a real advantage for you. If you a new blogger and using guest blogging to connect with readers that will help you so much. With guest blogging you will get huge referral traffic for your websites and also you will get much exposure. In author bio section you will able to add your own blog link. It will help you to gain some real link juice for your website.


Here, I am tried to focus on how someone can get help from this post. I am indicated some important things that are never accept as your fault. Always try to follow these kinds of tips, I guaranteed that you will be never disappointed.