Many people daily search for techniques to make their additional income on internet in their spare time. It’s difficult to find out which opportunities are genuine and which scams are. While there are probably hundreds of unique ways, here are some of the best ideas that people try every day to make genuine money online. Anyone who fully reads this guide will learn what it takes to make additional income online that has the potential to earn thousands per month from the comfort of your home computer. So read on and give them a try.


Freelance writing

If you have a flair for writing, you can earn some income on the Internet by offering your writing services to bloggers and webmasters. Internet marketers need interesting content to generate traffic to their websites, and many are happy to pay you for offering that content.

Choose a name for your website. Make sure it’s meaningful and easy to remember. You’ll also need web space, to host all of your websites. Both these things can easily be achieved by using Just Host. Once you’ve got a domain name; the next stage is to install WordPress on your site. WordPress helps you in managing your blog easily. Choose two to three topics of your interest and compose 400 to 500 words content on each one. Make sure to write in a conversational tone and the content is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Also add pages on your website that show your experience, the services you offer and your rates. When you start receiving customers don’t forget to collect and add their testimonials on one of your web pages. People begin to trust you when they see comments from satisfied customers you’ve worked with before.

You can get clients for this service through internet marketing forums. Post meaningful and relevant responses to posts on forums, and leave a short signature with a brief summary of your services and URL of your webpage. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly clients are interested in your business.

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Creating kindle books

If you are a talented writer, then why not create your own kindle eBooks? This is an effective way of making money online and also easy to sell your eBooks in the Amazon Kindle marketplace.

You simply compose your story in a word document, get a cover page, add it to Kindle and promote your book. Follow the same process for all your writings. The more books you create the more money you can earn.

The good news about this way of earning is that Amazon does the job of promoting your title. No matter even if you’re a beginner, Amazon makes it easy for your book to reach a wider audience and if they are impressed by your writing they’ll really buy your book.

Selling stock photography

If you are interested in earning income from your photographs, stock photography is a great way to do so. If you have a decent camera you can try selling stock photography. Although you don’t have to be an expert photographer, you need to possess artistic and technical skills required to compose and take high quality photographs. Most micro stock agencies sell stock photographs to advertisers, magazines, newspaper publishers and web designers. Hence images must be of high-resolution. There are different books and online sources that help you to take high-resolution photos.

Subject matter is another factor to be considered. Most agencies prefer images featuring activities, sporting events, seasonal themes and other images that are in demand. Don’t ever upload images of sunsets, landscapes, pets and flowers unless they are exclusive. Check out agencies on internet that hosts your photos and facilitates sale. You receive a commission each time your photos are licensed by the buyer. You can start uploading your photos to micro stock agencies like Dreamtime, Fotolia, Shutter stock and iStockphoto. You can earn from $0.20 to $1.00 per image. If you follow the instructions from the agencies carefully, you can earn a good income by selling your images.

Using survey sites

Survey sites offer decent income for collecting opinions from public. First, you need to sign up for a few survey sites. Often, a survey site will allow you take one or two surveys a week. So you will be earning $5 to $10 for each. To make more money, you have to register with all of the legitimate survey sites. You need to devote some time for filling out the survey forms. Be careful about your usernames and passwords. Some sites have a lengthy form filling procedure. If you’re not comfortable at revealing your personal identity like your phone number, just skip that site and register with the ones that don’t ask for such information. Be honest in providing details like your interests and your buying habits. The sites will offer you surveys based on the data you provide in the registration process. For example, you may be offered a survey on digital camera if you had mentioned that you are interested in buying a digital camera. Thus you’ll be able to make additional income when you put all surveys together.