Mobile and smart phones are gaining importance every day. There isn’t an individual available today, young or old who does not have a phone in his possession. It is also baffling how even when everyone has a mobile phone handy, there are many times you cannot know where a person is or where to contact him or her. And if they are your kids that you are looking for it can be cause for immediate concern.

As the technology of the mobile phones is advancing day after day, developers are coming up with apps to match the advancing technology. These include apps for phone tracking.


What are cell phone tracker apps?

Phone tracker app is an application or software used for monitoring the happenings and location of the target phones i.e. the smart phone in which the app or software is installed. These are easy to use software which helps you keep an eye on the target phone or simply help you keep in touch.

There are many software available in the app market by renowned developers which you can choose from depending upon the smart phone you own. Let us take a look on the different types of apps and their features:

1. Find my iPhone app:
As the name suggests this app is specifically for IOS users although its primary principle of working is quite similar to iPad and iPod touch. This is Apple’s process of mobile phone location. For this you need to update your phone to IOS5 and register yourself with After that using your Apple login id you can click on Find my iPhone and initiate the process to search your phone. The website also offers options to help you locate your phone by emitting sounds from the phone, sending a message or also help remotely lock your phone and also wife out the contents as security measure.

2. Lookout mobile security and Plan B:
These are cell phone trackers for android phones. The lookout mobile security app can be pre-installed in the android phone. It offers a web based panel which helps to locate your phone by disabling silent mode and sound an alarm and remotely enables the phones GPS to help locating the phone via a map.

If you have not installed a cell phone tracker in your phone and your device goes missing you can opt for Plan B. Plan B shares its developers with Lookout. This app can actually be installed after the phone is lost through Google Play. It launches automatically after installation to e-mail the location of your phone to your Gmail address.

3. mSpy:
As of now, mSpy is the best cell phone tracker in the market for IOS, android and even blackberry phones. Along with other general features, this app allows you to back up your phone information also after which you can remotely wipe out the details and not worry about anybody accessing it. Not only that, when mSpy is installed in the target phone you can keep a track of the complete happening on the particular phone like the incoming and outgoing calls, incoming and outgoing messages through various chat apps like whatsapp and snapchat etc.

Well, mspy can be called as the most favorable cell phone tracker among the different apps available because As of date mSpy is considered to be the easiest to use cell phone tracker app which has a loads of features more as compared to other cell phone tracker apps available.