ynt is a third party site which provide us publisher tools to protect content and drive traffic to your blog and also it’s help to improve SEO. Well, some time people copy and paste your content from your blog, but they don’t give proper credit, so tynt tools will help you by automatically adding backlink to copied text or images, you need to just add tynt script to your blogs HTML head tag then tynt will works and also it will give the full detail actually where your content being shared and how much exposure it’s getting, also many other detailed analytics.

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So, tynt does protect your copyrighted content and and helps those who may have just forgotten to give credit or link back. also tynt has great and customizable tools, then you can use as many or as few as you like.

Now if you want to install tynt to your blog then follow these simple steps given below:

Go & Sign up for tynt Account–> Fill the Required Fields –> Accept The Privacy Agreement and Click On Submit Button.

sign upNow you will be taken to the different page there you will see the code in the tab sheet where you need to select type of site you using, as example, if you using blogger platform then tynt will generate the code for blogger or if you using wordpress platform then tynt will generate code for wordpress and also will give full introduction on how to install the script to your blog as well. for more detail see in to screen shot below.
Select the type of site from the tab sheetit will work with any type of site like blogger or wordpress but script that you copied from tynt, it must be under head tag of your site, so make sure you added it at right place, if  you using wordpress then make sure your wordpress blog not hosted with ( otherwise tynt won’t work with it,

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So, after installing script to your blog just click on “Continue to Publisher Dashboard” button and then you will be taken to Dashboard where you can see the results,

Now go to Account tools –> Settings,


There you will you see 3 option for customize settings that are following below :

Attribution and SEO Link
This best tool to get immediate SEO benefit by generating more backlinks to your content that are search engine visible, this will hepls you to drive more traffic and improve SEO.
Address Bar Tracking
Address bar tracking feature will helps you to know that which social media channels are most effective for your site, and how many links are being shared via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites.
Speed Share
This is the best feature to boost social sharing activity by making it easier for user to post content to social sites, Whenever some people try to copying text on your blog then SpeedShare lets users post the content most interesting to them directly to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
When a user hovers over on images then automatically a pin it button will appears.

Now visit your blog and copy a snippet of any text you like and then paste it anywhere (except notepad) to see the attribution links working just fine. :)

Drop your comments and questions below, and do not forget to share this tool with your blogger friends. :D