Are you planning to exhibit your business at a trade show in the near future? There are several opportunities to generate leads for your business from trade shows. However, many vendors waste thousands of precious marketing dollars with ineffective event planning and marketing. To avoid falling into this trap, follow these event traffic and lead building strategies.


Choose the right trade show

Your business won’t have a chance of succeeding if you choose to exhibit at the wrong trade show. It is important that you choose a trade show that you know potential customers would attend. The more specific to your industry niche, the better. For example, if you are marketing technology company, it makes sense to exhibit at a marketing trade show. Exhibiting at a business trade show may also generate leads, however there will be much more irrelevant leads for your business. Whatever the event is, you must ask if the event is one that your customers would go to.

Speak at the event your business is attending

Speaking at an event is the most powerful way to attract qualified traffic and leads for your business. For any event that your business attends, you should secure a speaking role. A speaking role allows your business to stand out from other vendors at the event. It also shows the event attendees that your business has been endorsed by the event’s planning committee. Nothing builds trust faster than teaching people something of value without asking for anything in return.

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Use a compelling pull up banner at your event’s stall

Many people love to look at stalls from afar. One way to draw in more qualified leads is by using a pull up banner that captures their interest and compels them to enquire about your business’s products or services. Better yet, they are already pre-qualified to speak to you; making them a better lead for your business.

Giveaway merchandise

Using the right promotional products at your event can attract more leads to your stand. The items don’t need to be expensive, however they should stimulate interest for the event attendees and be relevant to your business. For example, businesses that work in the mobile space might provide branded promotional products like phone covers.

Qualify your leads as quickly as possible

In order to generate sales from your trade show, you need to gain an influx of qualified leads from the event. The idea is to build up your lead pipeline as quickly as possible so you can follow up with prospects after the show. The pitch to the event attendees should be succinct enough to build the relationship and have them share their contact details with you within 2 minutes. Speaking with people for too long will not only reduce the amount of leads that you have, but you may spend too much time on unqualified leads.

Setup meetings for your show in advance

Hit the ground running by promoting your presence at the event before you exhibit at the event. If your stall is busy, it will attract more people to your stall. It will also allow your stall vendors to make efficient use of their time pitching to generate more leads.

Make sure you follow up with leads from the trade show

It is important that you strike while the iron is hot. Contact leads while they still have you fresh in their mind so you can convert them into customers. Send follow up emails or phone calls to continue the conversation from the event and persuade them to become your client.

Exhibiting your event correctly should earn your business a stream of qualified leads that should yield sales. Follow these methods for your next exhibition and you should be rewarded with success.