About Lotus Notes
One of the popularly used email client is Lotus Notes. This is a great product of well known organization IBM. Every day lots of vital information is exchanged through this email client and no doubt since years it’s been used across the world. But as it is said, every good package comes with some pros and cons, Lotus Notes is no exception. One of the major loopholes of Lotus is that it is a bit difficult to handle. Its complex nature takes away its glory. Any new user finds it a little complicated and needs to get trained for handling it. Not every company is able to afford spending too much on training. So they better avoid it and look for some other suitable options like switching to another email client.

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About Outlook
One very effective email client is Outlook and a suitable alternative for Lotus Notes. Outlook is an amazing email client with advanced features. Best part is that Outlook is as simple as making a cup of tea. No prior training is required to handle it unlike Lotus Notes. This is perhaps the main reason why many organizations prefer Outlook. Why not switch to a better option like Outlook? Although there is plethora of options available but Outlook is the best choice. Lot many users across the world are making a shift towards Outlook.

Moving from Notes to Outlook

Moving from Notes to Outlook

Moving from Notes to Outlook

The biggest question here is how to make the conversion from Notes to Outlook happen? Solutions are many and equally difficult to make a decision. One manual method is long enough to be followed. Another one using conversion wizard is also there. One sure shot method of conversion is using a good third party conversion tool. One such tool is SysTools conversion tool. This is the easy method of conversion. The cost effective method converts NSF file format of Lotus Notes to PST file format of Outlook. The entire data is transferred in no time with unbelievable accuracy and zero percent data loss.

How to Find a Good Third-Party Tool?
The biggest challenge is to find out a good third party conversion tool. Proper planning should be done before you start thinking of conversion process. First know your requirements and then proceed further. This makes your search process simpler. The best way is to go online and visit all good software sites. Almost all of them offer a free trial version of software. Go for it, it costs nothing. First analyze your requirements and you will definitely get perfect software to convert NSF to PST.

Files Transfer from NSF to PST
SysTools Export Notes can be a good choice for you. Here are the steps by which users will be able to accomplish NSF to PST conversion in minimal time with accuracy.

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Step 1: Download Free Export Notes software from their official site. After installing the software, run it. First screen will ask you to “Browse” NSF files from your machine.


Step 2: After selecting the whole NSF data including emails, contacts, calendar, journals etc click on the “Open” button.

3Step 3: Final step and last screen which allow you to include/exclude data by specific date range from the conversion process. When you are ready with your NSF files to transfer click on the “Export” button, now the conversion process will be started and you can see the current status of each file transfer.